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Sound the Alarm…

 Christians are being ostracized in many foreign nations…being beheaded… dislodged from their homeland and familes….cruxified …stoned…dismembered…for Christ’s sake…

  but many American Christians seem unconcerned with these foreign atrositities….nothing like that could ever happen in America ( the home of religious freedom ) right ?

  Just in my lifetime I’ve seen the respect for Christian believers diminished from admirable to disdain in public media and public opinion… we are now harnessed with the stigma of “intolerance”..labeled as haters…implied bigots..racist… or worse..

  Much of the bitterness is based on Christians unfavorable stance on the sanctity of marriage , abortion rights , drug legalization etc. ( moral issues )

  Rather than take all the verbal abuse , while witnessing our religious rights vaporize , Christians need to become more vocal…..in our families , our places of worship , and in our government at all levels…

  learn your Congressman’s name….correspond with them until they become familiar with your name..

  Christians should NOT be the punching bag for a secular world…our rights are equally as important as any…

  Why does the LGBT group never march /boycott/protest a Muslim bakery ?


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 Yesterday was such a beautiful day in North Central Texas…I boarded the Kawasaki Mule for a leisurely two-mile drive to Two Wells State Park….meandering the back roads where Becky once learned to drive the Judges 57 Ford Ranchero…where Red Hardison and I once fired skillet-shots at half-hidden quail scurrying down the fence-row…where Charley Dixon and I rode double bare-back on his skidish buckskin colt…

  There along the single set of ruts through remnants of Ray’s wind-blown peanut fields , I noticed a pattern of empty Tall-Boys strewn along seldom used county roads…It’s as though the spirit of Jerry Ulbig lives on along isolated gravelled access near his old homestead…

   I recalled the days when he and I drove similar dump-trucks for Commissioner Ed Cooksey… Jerry packed a single tepid Tall Boy and a pack of Pall-Mall’s in his metal lunch bucket most every day..

  No one was at home when I arrived at Two Wells Park , but I did observe the seasonal road-side garden was in place…several rows of sweet Vidalia’s…strategicly arranged tomato vines stretched skyward in sandy soil…..peppers absorbing the heat of the Texas sun…..all things in order just beyond the end of the asphalt…. I’ll be back.

  Stolen vegetables are among some of the sweetest on earth…when pilfered from an unsuspecting neighbor with Democrat ties..

  I never ask Tom’s permission for borrowed vegetables….He’d instinctively say take all you want !   Where would be the fun in that ?…..so , under the cover of dusk or early dawn I strike without warning…. leaving only footprints behind in tended sand..

   If he asks about pillaged goods , I’ll deny….if he offers pictures from hidden game-cameras , I’ll still deny…after all , what kind of societal scum steals vegetables from a generous neighbor?

 I rode on towards home…remembering the reasons why I love this life God has given me , among the finest friends on planet Earth…it bewilders me why all corporate America fails to see the beauty of Montague County..

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Atheist seem to prefer Ocean front property…

MW-DI231_unaffi_20150324092503_NS GRAPH

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Fish or Cut Bait ….

  While residents of Montague are worrying away a beautiful Sunday afternoon , wondering how the new water-rates will impact their Social Security budget , Ben Dover is dinning on the waterfront at the Port of Houston…..gorging himself on fresh oysters , huge shrimp straight off the boat , and succulent lobster ensnared for democrat dinning….followed by cold sweaty vessels of cleansing ales..

  Not to worry….just eat your bait of minced Cod , entombed in plastic and cardboard , labeled “hungry-man dinner”…  we all must sacrifice for Ben’s sake..

  Don’t forget that menacing late charge on your Ben Dover bill…it takes money to travel and eat like a king….

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  Where in the middle east is the largest concentration of Shiite Muslims ?…Iran !

  Which middle-eastern nation represents an imminent threat to Israel and the west ?…again Iran !

  Which middle-eastern nation chants “Death to America” while defiantly spinning nuclear centrifuges during peace negotiations ?….once again Iran…

  Which middle eastern nation consumes the most of Obama’s time , his respect , and his undeserved trust ?…..it should be Israel , but inexplicably it’s Iran  !

   th  Shiite concentration

  note the darker shade of green represents higher concentrations of Shia Muslims…..descendants of Muhammad and Ishmael…..lighter shades represent higher concentrations of Sunni’s….

  Shiites “hate” Sunni muslims almost as much as they hate Israel and the U.S.

   What a lovely religion…..Hate everyone except fellow Shiites…kill their babies , rape their wives , behead their warriors, pillage their belongings……but under no circumstance should a grilled pork-chop cross your lying lips..that’s nasty..

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Stuffin Box Leak….

 If you harbor a hankerin to be an oil tycoon , but never had an opportunity to buy in at a reasonable rate , here’s your chance…while oil is circling $40.00

  For a nominal fee you can purchase a working-interest in ttoe’s latest discovery well , ( O’Neal # 1 )..

  The last sale of petroleum production was in the fall of 1968….when oil was $14.00 ,  but he holds a contract with Heinz Pickle Factory that’s worth its weight in aluminum….


  Call now to get in on the latest Nolio scam….Ed and Herky are clamoring to hoard up available stock listed on Nasdaq ( @69 cents a share..)

  This could be bigger than Hoot’s Minnie Hanna # 1 …

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 There’s a lot of stir about Indiana’s new law protecting the rights of private business owners… The new law states an individual business owner can indeed deny services to the LGBT community , based on religious freedom…( politically incorrect ) .

  Businesses are allowed to deny service for physical reasons… ” No Shirt No Shoes No Service ” or for reasons of public intoxication , but denying service based on religious reasons is considered bigoted and backward…

 If a proposed patron is both barefooted and transgender and slightly inebriated , what then ?… is that patron required to wait while the Justice Department is dispatched for an official evaluation ?  can barefoot gays buy burgers ?

   Do private businesses have a right to close on Wednesday ?…what if the LGBT’s want a burger on wednesday ?

  Is physical appearance more objectionable than deviant behavior ?…. Only Eric Holder and his minions can decide…

  Sure gays and trans-genders have liberties , they have the liberty to be gay and eat burgers elsewhere……but their freedom ends where the religious freedoms of private business owners are trampled in the process….under the guise of political correctness…

  Indiana has a constitutional right to decide what’s considered law within their state boundaries ….including the rights of business owners and gays.. ( States Rights )




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