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parched pride

  this past week-end marked the thirty eighth annual san francisco gay pride parade… as fourteen hundred separate grass fires burned across the drought stricken state..same sex couples marched the streets celebrating their recent victory in the court system…

   who’s starting all these fires ?  actually they’re a product of record drought conditions and unseasonable electrical storms across the state… who controls both of those factors ?

   is their an obvious connection between decisions and circumstances or is it just too subtle to notice , an unfortunate coincidence ?  you decide !  but don’t forget that a similar parade was scheduled in new orleans the week-end that huricane katrina struck louisiana…   go figure !


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election 08

   there seems to be a lot of tension and anxiety concerning who will be the next president of the united states… i don’t have any earth shaking revelation to make … some polls declare obama the front runner , some political annalists say he is un-electable … i certainly don’t know the future , but there is one point on which i am positively absolutely undeniable certain….

    God is King… He’s neither republican or democrat…. He’s not elected or appointed.. He’s still on His thrown and still in control… the result of any election is to serve His purpose , to fulfill His plan for the world… the nation that blesses israel will be blessed , the nation that curses israel will just as certainly be cursed in the end… read romans chapter thirteen verse one … along with genisis twelve verse three..

  the very same God that delivered the israelites from the hands of pharaoh , is just as capable today of protecting those who worship Him…

   take great comfort and assurance in the fact that God knows who His children are.. He has never deserted even one of His believers… He’s never deserted a nation that puts Him first !

    my very best advise as a concerned fellow american , pray for the revival of american christianity , the peace of israel , and the devine wisdom needed to vote what you believe….

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   what a refreshing break from the sweltering heat , about four yesterday , when the skies blackened , the rain began to fall. the temperature dropped about twenty  degrees in about twenty minutes..

  i sat on the porch just enjoying the afternoon… til about five thirty !.. i sloped off to the shower and began considering what i wanted for the evening meal… finally decided to make the short trip out to the prime-cut for a go-plate of something luscious…

   i got there about six in order to beat the crowd… parked my elevation challenged body at the bar and ordered a coke on the rocks… straight ! that’s when i began to notice the breath-taking view… you could see God’s beautiful creation from the east coast to the west , from portland to the red river !… and the place doesn’t even have a window !

   i’m talking about tom’s rotating stock of bar-maids and waitresses… there was one from jersey , and another from california… blonds or brunettes… augmented or natural.. tom has one for even the most discriminating taste… each of them has a nick-name , but i only remember the jersey nun ! actually i promised with a blood oath not to mention the rest…you’ll just have to go visit !

     i beginning to understand how tom can get by with charging the working class public twenty-five dollars a head for steaks… or six fifty for a burger basket…they’re coming for the scenery ! and the food ain’t bad either !

    anyhow , it was great meeting those adolescent bomb-shells , and frenchman frooont did good work as well… and by the way , mark your calenders for the last week-end in july … tom’s annual air show and appreciation festival will be out at the state park…. don’t forget to bring your bathing suite (OPTIONAL) the cement pond is finally ready for dippin !


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  ed’s saturday morning beggers breakfast was short lived today… hootie no-showed due to an early tee-time , chipper had some pressing moose business , ed had a mid morning funeral to attend , bill magee had hoeing to do , and brasher was passing thru on his way to nocona…

   cooking started prior to seven oclock.. ed called and woke me up ! breakfast will be short this morning !…. i left the house in such a rush , i forgot to bring along anything to cook… oh well ! surely ed will have something in the pantry… sure enough he had bacon and cousin jack ham , eddie veretti home grown honey… outdated sure-fine biscuits and farm fresh tomato’s..

   you know ! slicing tomatoes is much like slicing a loaf of home-made bread…. there’s a heel on each end and several pieces of center-cut perfection.. i noticed this morning as each was preparing his rounded plate , before the official starting flag was dropped , chipper and ed blatantly sought out all the center-cut pieces of tomato….fumbled through the pile , forking only the best….. leaving brasher and me the heels  and stem-ends..

   i can semi-understand why ed would be entitled… after all , he purchased , planted , cultivated , then replanted after the frost , cultivated again , grew , gathered , washed and sliced these lucious fruit of the vine….. but how did chipper fit in on the top shelf ?

   it’s his root hog or die policy… first come ,first served ,… pigs get fat -hogs get slaughtered… lifestyles of the rich and famous… 101st airborn privilege… masonic intitlement …

   anyhow brashear and i ate the heels and complained only a marginal amount …didn’t have time to talk anyway… the  cousin jack ham was disappearing faster than the center-cut tomatoes… pass the paper towels , how did this honey get all over the t.v. remote ?

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bowie’s bandy

  tonight is the premiere performance at the umteenth annual jim bowie days parade and rodeo… years ago one of bowie’s own decided to pursue a career as a rodeo clown…i’m talkin about “bandy” prater..

   bandy’s colorful rodeo career was short lived.. he was just too slow… spent a lot of time in the air after being overtaken by most of those mexican bulls… his next choice for a career was that of a volunteer fireman…

    he was eager to learn.. brave in the face of danger , and soon advanced to driver’s position… he was schooled only briefly in the protocol of using the fire-truck radio…he had not yet learned the ten code sequence… 10-6 , or 10 -2 , or any of that other coded conversation..

   he was in route to a train fire one time , out behind the sale-barn , at around two in the morning…had the big-truck rolling , lights flashing and sirens screaming….adrenalin pumping !

      just as he topped the hill by the barn and the blaze came into view , the police dispatcher came over the radio…wanting to know the nature of the fire , whether it was a grass fire along the track or a diesel fire on board the train…

    she said ” what kind of fire is it ? “…. bandy keyed up the mike and announced to all the world… it’s a big mother &($^*@+!!!… right over the radio……….. after a short pause she replied ” 10-4 ” needless to say , that ended his truck driving career !

   for years after the infamous radio bo-bo , when someone was inquiring over the radio , as to the nature of the fire , if it was sufficiently large and intimidating  , the response would be it’s  a ” bandy fire”…

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supreme senility

  probably some of the most unrecognized names , and definitely the most powerful names , also the most non-accountable names in federal government today are the supreme court justices..

   chief justice , john roberts and his eight associates..john paul stevens , antonin scalia , anthony kennedy , david souter , clearance thomas , ruth ginsburg , stephen breyer , and samuel alito have more impact on our daily lives and the future of our off-springs , than the president himself..

   they rule on matters like same-sex marriage , abortion rights , gun control , freedom of speech , and last but certainly not least , the imaginary , fabricated right to separation of church and state..

  the age of these powerful , life altering individuals ranges from 53 to 88… two in their fifties… three in their sixties…three in their seventies… and one who is eighty eight years old.. there is only one  retired supreme court justice still taking in oxygen…78 year old sandra day o’connor… the rest have died from old age…

   they are nominated by the president , approved by the senate , for a life-long appointment with only three avenues of removal from the court… retirement.. impeachment… or death…..the associates make $208,ooo.oo per year… the chief makes $217,ooo.oo… where’s the incentive for dementia stricken judges to relinquish power to sharper , more youthful minds … unlike elected officials, they can stay as long as they wish…..news media celebrities are quick to point out the age, and questionable health status, of the republican presidential candidate , but never see age as an issue with supreme court justices…..

    yesterday they , thankfully and rightfully , struck down washington d.c.’s decision to ban it’s citizens from owning a hand-gun..  but the margin with which they over-rode d.c.’s ban was five votes to four… that means there were four judges willing to trash the second amendment to the constitution , by disallowing individual citizens right to bear arms..  how spooky is that ?  guess you might say we dodged a bullet !

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  yesterday , about three in the afternoon , storm clouds gathered over montague county , nocona in particular…. winds blew… hail fell and a torrent of much needed rain fell in buckets… the eye of the hail storm seemed to be located over henley’s licker store… construction workers were forced to take refuse in the southern baptist’s drive-thru , while clouds dumped their fury on the den of sin !  baptist churches in bowie reported no inclimate weather… hense the term ” dry-town”…


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