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Black Hawk Down

 Breaking News Flash … a helicopter went down into chilly waters of Nocona Lake just moments ago …reportedly three survivors swimming towards the eastern bank …identities unknown at this time …Emergency crews in route ..


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….Seems like a distant memory of George Walker Bush and Domestic Oil …

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 Could it be that Chester the Molester is living in our midst despite laws governing back-ground checks on potential renters and laws mandating any change in residence be reported to authorities by convicted sex-offenders …?

  Ed noticed a mass exodus in his post-card trailer park …but dismissed the sudden vacating to unappreciated Tejano music and changes in seasonal work schedules ..

  The discontinued construction on the West Side Baseball Stadium was also attributed to potential perversion threats against the juvenile outfielders …

 Chester has stemmed all prospects of urban renewal in the Black-Republicans former neighborhood ..

   The unscrupulous slum-lord and his morally questionable tenant are both subject to possible criminal investigation and subsequent charges …

   Luckily the ” black republican ” escaped unscathed from a scandalous situation in the lower 9th ward in Londonville …

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Pentecostal Politics

 The nationally accepted unwritten standard of not preaching partisan politics from the Church podium does not apply if the meeting is held in publicly owned facility outside Church property , and held in conjunction with celebratory Chuck-wagon cook off…in Montague County …

   These two unidentified upstanding Catholic Democrats unknowingly fell victim to an evangelical hell-fire and brimstone political rally , in the congregation of no less than 500 republican faithful…

   Ed repented of his democrat ways almost immediately , Tom was chanting ” Go Romney ” and writing checks for Israel …while scanning for visual contact with the nearest exit …

 These unsuspecting libs had driven fifteen miles to attend church , only to find themselves totally engulfed in the Camp of righteous republican Romney supporters…two skunks in hen-house so to speak….

   Like two stray goats wandering into a Mexican grave-side funeral …they found themselves listed as item one on the main menu …..

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The only good thing about a Ranger rain-out on Saturday is wall to wall baseball on Sunday afternoon …Nelly just launched a two-run Cruz Missile into the stratosphere ..2-0 Rangers in the first …

  I can only hope Tucker had the P.V.I.S.D. credit card for the overnight layover….

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Special Event …

      Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is FAMILY DAY at Jean’s Bible Class in Nocona .. Bob and Sylvia Jordan of Amarillo will provide the musical inspiration , beginning sharply at 9:05 , followed closely by profound Biblical truths from the teachings of Tommy Lamascus ..

   Hot coffee and pastries will precede the service. Come join our non-denominational celebration of Salvation through Jesus Christ ..it will bless both your spirit and your Christian life ..

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Fashion Police ….

Fashion critics are blasting Ann Romney for her leather ensemble worn on the Tonight Show ..

Which do you find least painful to the eyes ?

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