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Cancelation Notice

 Due to current road conditions , Jean’s Bible Class of Nocona will NOT have services tomorrow … Sorry …but faithful attendees are encouraged to continue our study in the comfort and safety of home… See ya next week..

  Likewise MCCC has canceled their morning worship…


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Political Prayers …

  I was there when Pastor Joe Caballero of Montague County Cowboy Church , delivered an inspirational prayer before an open meeting of Montague County Commissioners Court a couple of years ago..but just this last week he lead the State House of Representatives in opening prayer on the floor of our Austin Capital…

   Thanks Joe , and thanks to Rep. Drew Springer for inviting him … I’m confident Montague County Cowboy Church can use the exposure , and Lord knows the House can use the prayers ..

  Rather than tracking BS into the House Chamber , Pastor Joe inadvertently tracked some out..

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Go West Young Man ….

 While viewing the Channel 3 News at Noon today, the public service announcement segment featured a young “Square” from West Germany….

    seems the 67th annual German Sausage Feed is slated for this Sunday at Parrish Hall in Windthorst Tx…( weather providing )

  Under intense interrogation from the feminine host , the tight-lipped Square still refused to give up ethnic ingredients that distinguish German sausage from garlic infused Italian sausages of this area…..

  stating the carefully guarded list of ingredients remains in only two secure locations on earth…..first , a fortified vault in Berlin…. and secondly,  in a secret I-phone file belonging to Alfonso , of Muenster Texas..

  Not even Wicci-leaks can hack the German security charged with protecting the coveted ingredients list….however ,according to cousin Herky and general German consensus, absolutely no garlic or low-budget wines are allowed in the building where certified square-sausages are being made..

   The shortman looking for Fennel seed extract….in Western Waltersheid..

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Peaceful Prophet ..?

Authorities have ultimately revealed the true identity of Jihadi John…as Mohammed Emwazi …

  I’m startled to learn of his Islamic name…(Mohammed )

  based on the non-judgemental writings of liberal news media , I fully expected him to be Presbyterian or disgruntled Baptist with a British accent…

  turns out the Islamaphobes were right all along…

  These masked killers are orthodox muslim or muslim converts..who publicly pledge their allegiance to allah and the muslim prophet mohammed.. ( who also killed thousands in the name of allah ).. but secular media cautions us not to designate this as a Holy war…

  Problem is ISIS has declared this a Holy war already , and they are the aggressors… Denying reality does not alter the facts.. Christians and Jews and Shiite mooslums are the infidels in the eyes of radical Islamic Sunni’s..

 They believe their merciless blood bath will prompt the return of some mysterious imam …but not before the murderous extinction of Christians and Jews..

  This unholy war is based on “theology”…..not ideology nor employment opportunities as American political sources proclaim…..

    nothing short of Christ’s return will halt the religious aggression towards Christians and Jews… John Kerry is irrelevant..

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Needs for Seeds…..

 Snow is gently falling midst the trees on Private Road 409… Carolyn braved the 23 degree temperatures to replenish the bird feeders strategically located around the yard… if five pounds of feed are sufficient , ten pounds are required.

  As the ground is covered with seasonal snow , the feeders are covered with a rainbow of contrasting colors… Most obvious are brilliant Cardinals and American Goldfinches midst a sea of Junko’s and Chickadees feeding feverishly on the ground….frequently freightened by larger fowl like White Winged Doves or Turtle Doves or an iridescent platoon of hungry black birds..

  The ground , the feeders , and adjoining trees are literally filled with foraging fowl of every description..

  The slightest unexpected movement prompts mass exodus , but as quickly as they flee , they reappear as though the seed coffer has limited landing space..

  It’s mesmerizing to watch… the larger the congregation on the feeder , the more passing birds are prone to join… Soon the scene becomes overwhelming…an ocean of feathers and sunflower seeds on a blanket of white….

   Alfred Hitchcock would be frightened of this feathered assembly…shutterbug Baccus should be here..

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 Christ Can Food Bank of Montague Texas is the solely owned subsidiary of Jesus Christ…inspired by His love for humanity…. operated by His unworthy followers…funded by His faithful contributors…as an extension of His Grace and Mercy..

  Visit our website @ www.ChristCan.org or like us on facebook.

561969_424169560968398_426703292_n CCFB

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Double Dribble…

 Bowie Jackrabbits are battling through the competition , with more than a little help from Montague…. Keck is ripping up the game plans of Bi-District contenders while ttoe leads cheers from the stands… next stop Regional Champions …

   All this time I thought Tom was an Indian fan…go figure !



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