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Senseless Slaughter

Palestinian Death Row….Birds in a gilded cage…..awaiting the executioners from the Moose Lodge….

IMG_0352 Guilded Cage.JPG


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Legally Blind

Here’s the girls Herky was buying drinks for at Doc’s last Saturday…

12745989_1290169534333304_6204099066304212672_n Islamic patio

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Palestinian Pigeons..

The cold murderous shooting team of Gilbert and Dover parted the Ultimate this morning , in rout to Palestine , under the guise of sportsmen , to eradicate the pigeon population in the piney woods…

Guns are not the only things getting loaded…consider these Muskrats extremely armed and dangerous…Buckshot and Booze make strange partners , but no more so than Rick O’Shay Gilbert and Ben Dover.. something’s fowl…

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Don’t Look Ethyl…

Despite the obscure sighting of a Bond support sign mungst the brushes and shenry of Dan’s condominium … One may wonder which side of the issue he’s really on..Has the prospect of higher taxes spurred the recent sale of numerous commercial real-estate sites within the district ? Who could say …but the timid display of support does little to answer the question…

IMG_2235 Bond Election

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I was mowing grass near our front entry last Saturday morning just prior to lunch ,oblivious to clear Texas skies, when a twin-engine prop-plane came zooming overhead…right above the trees.. headed south towards Bowie Municipal’s Fly In…that thing had to be runnin two-hundred MPH..

I thought my lawnmower had gotten a sudden breath of nitrous.. it scared the bajeebees outta me..like an asteroid passed within feet of my head…

only after I hit the emergency kill button on the Cub Cadet,  did I realize I’d just been buzzed by one of Weiger’s  winged cohorts..the same senario was repeated a dozen times before finishing the lawn….some slower , some higher , but none more rapid or flying lower than the original who soiled my lawnmower seat…

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Take Notice Ttoe…

Truth is stranger than ignorance…. Hillary or Bernie ? Is that all ya got ?

untitled tom

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Digging a Deep Hole….

Coy is in a cold sweat…panic mode….pondering the possibility that Tom’s Funeral Home could cut into his Montague County monopoly….leaving his family destitute and homeless just as the twins reach college age…

So much so that he has ventured to 5@5 today, exploring the possibility of opening a low-budget mortuary or crematorium in Muenster…

I’m curious to see just how many rounds the director buys for thirty thirsty squares…how large the extravagant tip will be , and if Reverend Rex is his designated driver…..

Will he bring flowers ?  Will he challenge Doyle to a draft-drinking-dual ?  Will he rile the anger of Alfonso by openly campaigning for Trump…

My only words of advise , don’t sit by Tom …and whatever else you may choose to say , don’t mention Hillary or Italian sausage..

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