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Campaign results…

 You read it here FIRST …. Herman Conway took the Gold in the Commissioner Olympics ….He handily beat the incumbant  in the hotly contested run-off election …Congratulations to the          ” Herminator “.

  The State Representative’s run-off race is undetermined at this point….Hanging Chads from Cooke County are still hanging…


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Truth in Politics …

Democratic support for a Republican candidate , or abandonment of previous political affiliation ?… There’s an Elephant in the room !

WE report ..YOU decide …

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About Marriage :

   Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife : and they shall be one flesh…Gen.2-24

  Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing , and obtaineth favor of the Lord…..Proverbs 18-22

 Nevertheless , to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife , and let every woman have her own husband …..1st Corinthians 7-2

 Marriage is honourable in all , and the bed undefiled , but the whore mongers and adulterers God will judge …..Hebrews 13-4

  About homosexuals :

 Do you know that the wicked will not inherit the Kingdom of God ? Do not be deceived : Neither the sexually immoral , nor idolaters , nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God….1st Corinthians 6 : 9

  You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is abomination…Leviticus 18 :22 …

  ***Even for an uneducated man like myself , that seems pretty simple and straight forward .

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 There’s a lot of international hoop-la about the obvious excitement wedged into women’s volleyball ….London’s Mayor compared their glistening bodies  to ” wet otters “.

Though I’m only a novice admirer of the strategies involved in the game , I’m still diligently working to learn the difficult hand signals …..if not for their burdensome uniforms there would’nt be ten people in the stands !

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According to Liz Goodwin of Yahoo News … (The Democratic Party has added new language endorsing gay marriage in its platform draft, the Washington Blade reports. Sen. Harry Reid said in May that he believed the party would alter its platform in favor of gay marriage, after President Obama spoke out that month in favor of same-sex couples’ right to marry. The Republican Party’s platform calls for a constitutional amendment that would ban all same-sex marriages, even in states that allow them.)

  According to registered Conservative Republican Shortfellow…..[ Disappointing…Nausiating….Disgusting …Perverted turn of Democrat platform ]…[makes me even more proud to be labeled Conservative Republican …and should make Democrats reconsider moral responsibilities.]

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Soaring Sales…

 Local oil magnet and entrepeneur, ” Two Shirts ” has recently opened his branch haberdashery for cross-dressers in Telluride Colorado…

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Crunching Numbers

 Before the mathematical sceptics start picking fly specks from the black pepper , let me assert the following numbers are from committed memory rather than a recent government publications  …but I think they are loosely accurate …

 75 percent of Americans think we are traveling a road to further economic decline …

 15 percent of Americans think the next generation will experience lifestyles comparable to ours.

  45 percent of registered voters will support another term for Barrack Obama ..

  75 minus 45 = 30  , thereby only 30 percent of Americans are actively dissatisfied with economic decline…unemployment …education costs…moral decay …inflation …socialized medicine…gay marriage etc.. The remainder of 300,000,000 people think it’s great to live in a welfare state , where government dictates our every decision and activity ?

 85 percent think their kids will live less comfortable than we currently do , but 40 percent of those same people would vote to continue that misery forecast for their descendents …

  The astounding stat for me is that after four years of President Obama’s foreign and domestic policies , 10-15 percent of registered voters are STILL undecided ?

  80 percent of all Americans claim to believe in God…yet 45 percent will vote to allow governmental intervention into the Catholic Churches right to decline financial involvement in legalized abortion and same-sex marriage ..

  Either 75 percent of all American pollsters are habitual liars , or fifty percent of all registered voters are certifiably insane ..

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