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ball-park blues

    a couple of weeks back deacon duvall’s wife ventured over to the high-school ball-park to watch the price boys play some baseball.. one’s on the varsity and one is on the junior squad…

    when she arrived in that new tahoo , there was a parking spot left vacant right by the grand stands.. how lucky , must be an omen of things to come… she wheeled in and walked the few steps to the home side bleachers..

    mid way through the fourth inning…. two outs and runner’s on… the count went full … bowie’s pitcher gave a windmill wind up… lead leg high and throwing knuckles in the dirt… he fired one at rocket speed , right down the middle… 

 deacon’s wife seated in her nik’e folding chair on third base side , yelling batter batter batter swing…(home-town heckler)

     and swing he did…he swung for the fence but  failed to hit solid… the rookie swung a half- inch too low… popped up high above home plate…towering hit…. the ball gained altitude for a full minute before achieving a stall.. then guided by a southerly breeze and the unsympathetic hands of the base-ball gods , it drew a bead on the deacon’s wife’s tahoe…

    buried deep in shattered glass before ricocheting off across the street..darn the luck !…. not to worry the insurance will cover a bad choice of parking and an unfriendly south wind….

    sure enough… deacon got the windshield fixed for only four hundred and eighty five dollars… on a five hundred dollar deductible policy… just fifteen dollars more and the deductibles met for the rest of the year…

    the tahoe’s as good as new… next game the following friday… the deacon’s wife parked two blocks away in the burger-barn lot..walked a quarter mile to the home team bleachers… sat down winded and tired but confident she’d not get hit again…. alex rodrigues could’nt reach her parking spot on a steroid overdose…she’s learned two valuable baseball lessons that fateful day, don’t throw a fast ball down the middle on a full count and don’t park within a foul-ball shot of home-plate…


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drop and give me ten….

  i got word today that the grandson marine recruit participated in his first military P.T. test this week… thats physical proficiency training or some such acronym.

   i had to dig way back in the archives of memory to recall what a p.t. test consisted of…. seems to me it’s similar to a civilian iron man marathon competition… running…. jumping bodies of water …scaling walls on a rope…repelling the other side… horizontal ladders…. running across logs over water hazards… crawling under barbed wire obstructions and such…

   Justin Carter scored the highest of any recruit in his platoon… eighty something guys…  i’m thinking he relied heavily on grit and determination rather than genetics to record such a high score…he made squad leader shortly after arrival in boot camp… now scored exemplary on his p.t. test… sure candidate for e-3 out of basic…. he’s a freakin lifer ! ……sorry general !

    anyhow , i’m bustin the patriotic buttons off my sixth army hat….  he’s the few…. i’m the proud…. he’s the marine…

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shop local

   recent legislation enacted to inflict determent to unscrupulous meth manufacturers and wholesale dealers , has slowed the cash flow of our local economy..

    laws limiting the availability and quantity of pseudofed  on sale at walmart… restricting the type of container required for purchase of anhydrous ammonia at the farmers supply store… criminalization of distillery equipment and paraphernalia has restricted the output capabilities of independent manufacturers…

   local blue-collar businessmen report a slump in last quarters profits due to increased distribution difficulties… increased bail requirements and expanded surveillance by local authorities… all these restrictions have converged to create the perfect storm…

   if the current downward trend continues, some montague county crack-heads may be forced to discontinue their life of crime… seek honorable employment as a productive member of society or apply for  government subsidized bail-out relief funds from folks that have a real job….they’re tired of living on probation…

    local citizens are encouraged to refrain from the temptation of purchasing perscription drugs created in a sterile environment for their daily fix during this time of crisis….. return to the street vendors and the mobile labs of our neighbors til this economic spiral bottoms out….

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pan-handlers wearing gold

  government bail-outs of huge corporate financial conglomerates have passed the point of being socialistic in nature…they are ridiculous…obscene… absurd..

    it’s  rewarding the most greedy portion of society with wealth taken from the masses of working class people who struggle to maintain a reasonable existence.. it’s robin hood in reverse…… i’d compare it to a family of four making a trip to mc donalds for their evening meal… sitting next to a man dressed in a tuxedo , wearing a rolex…driving a jag….

     the rich man explains to the poor folks how his financial empire is making fewer millions than it did in this same period last year and he has insufficient  funds to eat at the prime-cut steakhouse  , where he ordinarily dines… would the working class people sacrifice the price of  their family meal for donation to his extravagant appetite .. go to bed hungry , so that he might gorge himself on prime rib rather than lower his standards to chicken mc nuggets…

       o.k. so this is a poor comparison… how can you describe the unmitigated gaul of these glutenous parasites.. it’s impossible to pay  justice to the level of greed exhibited in recent weeks… i wish little danny was here .. i’ll guarantee he would’nt be at a loss for words…it would be like pete horton hitting the bingham boys for a hundred dollar loan….

   words are inadequate to describe the level of contempt i harbor for people who are willing to take millions of tax dollars to continue their open display of entitlement and arrogance… it’s beyond description…a pig in a porsche.. snakes in silk shirts…pan-handlers wearing gold….

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puppet perspective

  i missed half of obama’s bed time story last night due to a couple of obvious distractions seated directly behind him….who’s idea was that ?

    that pale green dress of nancy pelosi’s…very appropriate…. reminded me of another puppet , kermit the frog… she kept jumping to her feet and administering the claps for barry at the end of most sentences.. grinning like a skunk in a brier patch… wallowing in the national coverage , while sqint eyes biden struggled to remain awake… he took one too many zanex prior to the show or the flood lights shined directly in his eyes.. squinch eyes and kermit kept me entertained while barry poured out his heart…

   i think what he said was… nationalized health care… increased pay for the military… increased taxes on the wealthy… stimulus check for  folks making less than a quarter million…. government assisted college tuition for all concerned…increased troops in afghanistan…alternative fuel expansion….  lower mortgage rates….all while cutting the inherited federal deficit by a third… i’m sure that was not all the fairy-tale , but i got caught up watching kermit !

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   some democrats and most republicans are screaming for roland burris to resign… how about this for an off the wall opinion ?… the pot’s cussing the kettle….

   he’s probably less corrupt than ninety percent of the washington insiders despite his conversations with blago’s brother…granted being a liar and possibly guilty of attempting to purchase favor might disqualify one from being appointed to county dog-catcher , but it’s certainly does not approach the level of impeachment or mandatory resignation for members of congress..half the new cabinet is guilty of worse offenses…

   harry reid or pelosi , could not take a sworn oath before a court of law that they’ve done nothing unethical or never attempted garnering influence at any point in their political career.. never made an inaccurate or incomplete statement to anyone about anything , so help me God….

   give burris a break ! …leave the guy alone … he’s as qualified as most currently syphoning off tax dollars in the house or senate !  maybe a fresh face will bring some fresh ideas !… blister some more deserving politician for a while….like barney frank !

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   sunday after lunch , i wandered down to the grape vineyard for the annual pruning of the vines…. all good viticulturists know grapes only produce on new growth ..

    after accomplishing that feat ,  i also gave my blackberry vines a military style haircut…then moved on to inspect the apple trees and peach trees… i was startled to see the peaches already in swollen buds , almost to the point of blooming… that’s not good… there’s still a minimum of thirty days before frost probability passes…looks like another year of frozen buds and no fruit… no peach pies , no pear preserves…. darn the luck !

    my monetary losses will be slightly less than the rio grande valley’s , but total crop failure for two years in a row makes mexico fruit look like a letter from home….

  temperature maxed out at 82 today….

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