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Say It Ain’t So ….

 Our illustrious president , Barack Obama , has appeased native Alaskans by officially changing the name of Mt. McKinley to “Denali “… the original name used to identify North America’s tallest peak , translates ” The Great One “..

   Hillary thinks Obama re-named the majestic peak to describe her tenure as Sec. of State…when in reality , he was more likely thinking of twin peaks contender , Sarah Palin..

  Not to be politically over-shadowed , Tommy O’Neal has subsequently renamed his unauthorized domestic landfill ….The Hillary Clinton Library…



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Polka Party…on Tap.

Cousin Herky seems to think my pencil is broke…but I was just refilling the ink-cartridge before featuring the square in a Cooke County expos’e …”Poison Pen ” fashion..

I blogged a week or so ago , about the similarities between the dancers on RFD’s ” Molly B ” and the sounds and scenes erupting from Muenster’s October Fest…

Then… low and behold today I was reading in the Montague Morning News where Muenster’s K of C has contracted Molly B for a public appearance at this year’s October Fest….

I’m thinkin you can surely overdose on umpaaaa come Fall… whether you polka , or waltz , or line dance… you can get’er done in Kraut-town come October..

Give the big-man some room …He’ll wear Molly B’s bunions to a nub… Herky and Dancin Doyle will tag-team Molly B.   She’s Stone-Bruised …


thCA3BAUDA Herky Lederhosen

Don’t forget your Lederhosen Cuz…

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Team Tucker…..

 The world-renowned ” Hotter’n Hell Hundred ” bike ride is tomorrow..in Wichita Falls…

  Tucker and I have been training for days.. ( four )..to participate in this year’s 100 mile bicycle extravaganza…. but it appears all that exhaustive training has been in vain..

    Our bicycle built for two was disqualified for exceeding the load limit for several rural bridges along the route..

  It’s just as well… we could not decide on who would steer the ship anyway..

  Tucker insisted he was the principle….but I refused to ride behind him viewing only his Bo-Bo in spandex under stress….he hated my banana seat and handlebar tassels…and the clothespins and cardboard on the spokes… What an athletic prude !

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 Miley Cyrus recently announced to the world , she is a pansexual ?

  If like myself , you had no idea what the term meant , I’ll save you a Google…

   It means Miley is sexually attracted to anything that moves…male or female… a bisexual with a fetish.. she’s sexually attracted to anything including the porch-post or a frying pan….hence the term .. “Pansexual “….

   Sometimes I think I live too deep in the woods , but then again sometimes I think I’m not near deep enough !..

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Halloween Hillary

Thank God it’s Friday…11949510_873531346016752_4523875807795268722_n  Dracula

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Mrs Magoo ..

 Hit the hardwood at 4 this morning….to be at Kell West by quarter til six…for the second laser correction to Carolyn’s murky vision..

  God smiled on her today…she was the first of twenty assembly line surgeries that began at 7:am…We were at Chick-fil-A’s drive-thru by 9….home by 10..

  She’s been winking at me ever since …

  I’m not sure if she’s feeling frisky or going blind…

  Seriously she’s doing great..shell soon be seeing more than she can understand … ( Trump’s Poll #’s )


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Pinch Me …..

 Donald Trump just expanded his lead over Ben Carson , by twice…??

   Problem is, this is NOT a joke.. Trump is a novel approach to partisan politics , but seriously folks , America’s future is at stake here.. You can’t just Bull-Doze your way through history..

  This is reflective of Obama’s unexplained popularity of 08 & 2012..a political phenomenon….where the least qualified is the most popular candidate… Surely you see where that left us in 08 …and again in 12.

 America can hardly afford another mistake in the opposite direction .

  America desperately needs a man or woman of Godly direction and discernment… Reverend Trump ain’t that man.  Ben Carson is my current choice , but there’s other well qualified Godly men , and a distinguished woman ,( Carly Freholie ) in the fray..

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