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Ballgame on a Budget……..

 Everybody whose anybody in the north Quadrant of Montague County has vanished to Denton’s North Texas stadium for Nocona’s Play-Off Game .  The Streets of Nocona look like a Montana mining town .

   If only I were inclined to long drives and late hours, I’d attend the game ….but then I learned late today that KBAN will broadcast the game ….but who has an A.M. radio anymore ?  Then I remembered the vintage 93 Cheyenne in the drive-way .. The plan came together ….

   Great strides were taken to capture the tail-gate atmosphere of being at the game …I boiled Ball-Park franks for half-time hot dogs … Nacho cheese and chips on a paper plate …and a couple of cokes for wetting the hoarse whistle when the game gets tight….. I even stuck a huge baking sheet in the freezer to replicate sitting on aluminum bleachers ..

  I pulled the Shy-Ann up near the porch-light , and adequately tested 1410 for reception .. all is ready for the BIG game !… I then asked Carolyn if she’d jump and cheer in a short skirt alongside the truck… she said the men in white coats could cheer when they come to pick me up …

  Anticipation is building like that of a new bride …Kick-Off is coming …this plan is undoubtedly brilliant , I’ve got all the traditional amenities of being at the game , plus smoking in the stands…Utopia !


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 The Libs are abandoning the failed utopia in favor of gainful employ and NO state income tax ..They’re coming to Texas in droves despite our backward Bible-Belt principles and lax off-shore drilling programs..

   All that would be good except they bring the right to vote and their warped view of secular progressive ideas with them …each migrating Lib could feasibly displace a native Texan in the bleachers at Ranger Stadium .. They’ll intentionally add Chevy Volts to Stemmons Freeway …lengthen waiting lines at OutBack….drive the price of illegal doobies into the uncharted range …

    The same liberal loons that repeatedly elected Arnold are coming in mass to the Lone Star State..Forget Mexico…Texas must strengthen our border crossings on the western side , or prep our kids for naked men holding hands and smoking pot at Home Depot ..

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Moocher’s memo …

  Theres a spankin new flat-screen hanging over the breakfast bar at Moochers …with six-dollar batteries from the Ultimate store in the remote ….

    In celebration of that welcome Republican addition , Fox News is the station of choice for back-drop on tomorrow’s political debate …

   Fox News Contributor , Herky Biffle , is expected to christen Ed’s 92 inch flat screen plasma with a half/pint of vintage Tito’s Vodka ….provided there’s any left after making gravy ..

  Beemer has temporarily discontinued his practice of making home-made biscuits for Moocher breakfast … He’s  contracted two-dozen of his best effort to be used in the Masonic corner-stone leveling ceremony at the courthouse Annex next month … ( smaller than bricks …harder than granite )

  Post-Game show Saturday morning at Moocher’s Breakfast …. be there !

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Flirting with the Bar-Fly


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Transparent tender …

    If Obama so despises the rich and their undeserved millions , why does he spend every available opportunity in the company of celebrities ? Why does he reward partisan loyalty with loan guarantees and subsidies amounting to billions ..Why did he accept millions in campaign contributions from George Soros if hording legal tender is inherently bad ?

    Why doesn’t he vacation with his family at a bowling alley in Tulsa rather than spending 4 million on weeks with the brood in Hawaii ?…Why doesn’t he shoot hoops with inner-city kids at the YMCA rather than various professional stars of millionaire status ?

  His hatred for financial inequality is a self-serving myth …He only hates dollars belonging to rich opposition…. Obama aspires to tax the richer than he is , while filling his personal pockets with every available tax nickel he is “Entitled ” to …

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Looking up

I’m astounded how things have turned around just since the election..New construction has increased as hundreds of new Mosque’s and marijuana clinics are being built across america…..we’ve not had an Embassy attacked in weeks … FEMA has restored normality to the East coast ….admiration for Democracy has increased around the world….marriage numbers are up among men and other men from Oregon …Congress is working tirelessly on the fiscal cliff debacle ..

 Life is good if you’re a pro-choice pot-smoking homosexual college student liberal union-worker who loathes Christmas and Twinkies …

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Cut N’ Paste

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