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Trump and Tom ?


I still can’t believe it….Tom finally saw the light..

When Trump declared he was moving America’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem , it was the straw that broke Hillary’s back.. Tom booked a flight to the Big Apple immediately… He had to go meet the man who had more money and more influence and less tact , than Tommy O’Neal ever had…

If not for this documented proof  , I would NEVER have envisioned his abandoning the Liberal Dems like that… after kissing the old windbag Hillary’s bo-bo for years…

This latest news will surely destroy Chico Cabrera….the last Democratic Hold-out in Montague County could no longer deny the  obvious …the Greatness of Trump…..OhBummer is dead..


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IMG_1861For the fourth time in as many months , the nefarious “Squares” are left with smiles on their faces…and embezeled Strawberry cake in their teeth…. Dagos are left with a decoy box of rocks…. not just any rocks , but personalized rocks sarcastically signed by German Bar Maids , Amy and Liz….who knew ?

Even a rank stranger , operating under an assumed name “Mark” , took part in the diabolical scheme for a pittance of cake and a clean fork…

Once again , before the righteously suspicious Dagos reached the County line headed west , Ed’s phone chirped with an incoming picture of the Krauts eating cake..

The indisputable fact that a trio of Montague County’s finest, donated $500 bucks just two days ago , to the Jaycee sponsored Fund Raiser for Muensters Baseball Complex, entitled the Garlic Shuckers to…….. zero compassion or honest appreciation for legally purchased cake..

No one would expect Big Al to be an accomplice in such criminal activity…he has such an honest face, and obviously little interest in sweet pastries..

Diabetic Doyle thinks this was the best Fifty Bucks he ever spent………. Scuffy’s been falsely accused…

Curtis showed up , mysteriously , just as the perpetrators strategic switch took place…….Kerry glanced away but for an instant…which proved sufficient time for Amy’s swift sleight of hand…the Deed was Done…


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Mothers Day

IMG_0356 Mom These are the physical markers of the two most influential spiritual markers, that I carry within me daily, for my Mother and the Mother of my children..

IMG_0361 wife


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IMG_0348 Barmaids

I thought eating at the Prime Cut was costly , til I broke bread with 300 Squares at Heritage Park..  granted I never ate a Hundred dollars worth of chicken before , but it was delicious for the Not-So-Lucky ticket holder #244..







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For all those who’ve voiced concerns about Nocona’s Ambassador to Bellemire… relax.. Denny Ray’s living the life worthy of royalty since his new dentures came in..

28511997_10210979756156084_1765401311_n     His love life has likewise taken off….with the addition of ambulatory friends in fishnet  ..

32349629_10211449904109489_6624677485722206208_n Denny& Friend



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Photo by Jill…

Often times you meet bad people in good places ….case in point , I first met Eddie Fenoglio at church….Seldom if ever do you meet good people in a bad place , but I did exactly that today , at the dentist office in Nocona..

Eric J. Fisher, DDS now mans the pliers at Nocona Dental.. native to Muenster Texas..He WILL look a gift-horse in the mouth !

I’ll not call him a “Square” , though most of his family and friends obviously are , due to the fact I’m still under his care…

He assured me that my smile would be equally as infectious as his , once the Chickletts are fully set…

Whether you are sporting Snags or Snares or Gaps or Worm-hole infestations , he’s your man..Dr. Eric Fisher DDS…..I’m not sure what that DDS stuff is all about , but I suspect it’s an acronym for “DON”T DO SQUARES”…

When the smoke finally clears on this financial fiasco , and the new mail-order choppers arrive in a couple of weeks , I’ll buy him a cold-one at Doc’s Bar and dentistry, down town Muenster America… 5@5..

Mention you saw this ad on Montague County Moments , and have an extra twenty-bucks added to your bill…



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How about this bunch of bar-ditch Bears….


What a group of geriatric cheer leaders….there were spirits other than school-spirits affecting this unorthodox group of fans… Granted the picture is a little dark , but most of these folks prefer darkness as cover for Dixie Cup refreshments and impromptu interviews with local deputies…

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