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21430556_10208185638432626_462169304215699893_n Coach Taylor Hawks vs. Mustangs …Gainesville Texas..

14-14 at Half time..

Final…… Iowa Park Hawks 51….Waxahachie Mustangs 14 …



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The previous post defaming the character and integrity of Sky King was a fabricated LIE… none of it was factual…not a word…

After only the tenth fly over I saw the light of my earlier mistake , along with the grimacing smile on his face ..he had the remnants of a roast-beef sandwich hung between his teeth , glistening in the mid day sun.. I’m tellin you he was that close..shingles flew off the house , my antenna looped and fell …. dogs and cats scattered in hasty retreat…

The makeshift landing gear was constructed of used maintainer tires… Huge intimidating tires hanging low beneath the red and white Crop-Duster from Hell… Red Barron never tried loops and banks like that…

And by the way … your muffler system would never pass FFA inspection… I felt the ground shake .. widow lites shattered from the sonic boom….. your discarded Vodka bottle narrowly missed my car port..

So sorry I cast dispersions against you and your winged beast… It’ll never happen again… Deep seated regrets weigh heavy on my mind… keep that red wasp south of hwy 59… my nerves are shot…In no condition to hunt the neighboring woods for my domestic pets at this time..maybe they’ll return in a few days..

zanax moments in Montague County

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Death Defying …Dye Mound.

USA+House+OdSle7vIhLnl Weger

“Sky King” has prevailed through all the trials involved in being selected for the coveted privilege of representing America on the ” 2017 Drunken Pilots Olympic Shooting Team..”.

It’s a marathon of diverse skills consisting of flying an open-cockpit plane through a series of obstacles , while drinking Gray Goose Vodka , and shooting a lever-action rifle at strategic targets on the ground….

He exceeded in all three categories pitted against some of the most drunken pilots surviving historic crashes involved in Olympic training flight accidents…

Here is a photo of him being recognized on the Olympic stage , as the Premier Pilot among a plethora of pilots from various Nations , consistently tempting fate while drinking and shooting in flight..

Corporate sponsors of this near-fatal event include but are not limited to… Gray Goose Vodka Distilleries , and Doc’s Bar of Muenster Tx..

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Self on the Shelf…

Larissa Self , the wife of local California transplant David Self , is a writer of Christian themed stories ..

Her latest effort , a story of a concerned Mom protecting her children from prophetic end-time events , is now available for educational reading..

contact her on Facebook for further details..


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M.I.S.D. Students…


All items collected by students further donated to Christ Can Food Bank on the square in Montague..@ the intersection of Franklin & Grand st.

Christ Can Food Bank  is currently owned by Montague County Cowboy Church , operated by Paul and Donna Gibbins of Bowie..

Other interested parties can make monetary or material donations at MCCC , Hwy.455 west in Montague.. or call the friendly nursing staff at Angels Care Home Health of Bowie.. 940-872-9888

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23722307_10214628869096331_348377193189087789_n My only son David and his new bride , Jenny Rae Carter….exchanging vows in Paris today…Paris Texas that is… Congratulations for making the Godly choice….and bringing joy to an old man’s heart…  May God’s favor shine in Paris today…


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Close Call…

Sexiest man alive ..2017



IMG_0042 more fishy

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