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The Party of Lies ….

Repubs are all stirred up again , in light of the newly discovered e-mail offering indisputable poof that Susan Rice was carrying contaminated water for Hillary’s manufactured story pertaining to four dead Americans in Benghazi. Hillary lied ..Susan Rice presented the lie.. Eric Holder defended the lie … Barack Obama  , Nancy Pelosi , and Harry Reid put their partisan stamp of approval on the obvious lie…

  Is there anyone left in the world who would be naive enough or gullible enough to believe that steaming pile of horse dung ? anyone ?

  So what if the e-mail proof has finally been found ?.. NOTHING will be done to hold the liars responsible for their intentional sheltering of Obama’s re-election bid.

There’s NO accountability for unethical atrocities by ANYONE in Washington D.C……….. Kathleen Sibelius …Lois Lerner… Our Lawyer in Chief is a joke on justice …

Eric Holder gives the other one percent of “honest lawyers” a bad name…Hillary is an insult to human intelligence . Obama is pathetic..


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Weary of Wages….

 Many today place their hope for longevity in the miracles of modern medicine.. many find hope in continual research in the drug industry.

  While the minds of men are discovering new methods and techniques of extending productive life among the elderly ,while millions strive with strenuous exercise and cautious vegetarian dietary habits , God quietly continues to be the source of all life and healing.

  Have aches and pains that dominate your daily activity ?… Seek healing wisdom from the Great physician .. by his stripes we are healed.. Only He can add days to your earthly existence and provide healing for an aged or mal-formed body..

Who better to heal our aches and pains than the one who created us from the dust beneath His feet. 

   Often times He achieves that answered prayer thru our change in diet and exercise or thru Doctors surgical skills or modern drugs , but His power is paramount to any permanent healing. He alone had the can speak healing over the sinful.

   The wages of sin is death , but the gift of God is eternal life… Romans 6: 23

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 Your vote in the Republican Primary meant nothing if you fail to follow through in the run-off election … Early voting begins May 19 th for the May 27 th Run-Off Election .


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Friendly Fire …

 If you recall , many conclude that John Kerry’s Vietnamese war wound was a self-inflicted ricochet from his own rifle..

  and so it is with his tenure as Secretary of State … His own words and actions are a detriment to his overall performance. 

   His legacy will be self-inflicted wounds with respect to our only middle-eastern ally. His unfortunate remarks comparing Israel to an apartheid state do nothing to instill confidence in our Jewish friends, while fueling further discontent within Palestine.

  His Biden-styled bungled remarks make Hillary appear to be the better diplomat… and do nothing constructive towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

  Once again Secretary Kerry has shot himself in the foot.. He will NEVER be able to barter a peace agreement , until he learns to better choose his words when referring to loyal friends…… He’s Toast.

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 Beemer is listed as missing in action …..He’s not been seen by anyone dear to him in greater Montague , since Christmas.

  Has he raised his sickle in social circles since building the boars-den domicile ? …has he been black-balled by his moose brothers ?…has the economic impact of P.C.’s four-dollar draw beer taken it’s toll on building electives ?

  Beemer…. If you’re still out there alive and well …call Tommy O’Neal…he’s  worried sick !

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 In an attempt to avoid litigation and come into compliance with strict deed-restrictions on Private Road 409 , Nuther brother and his partner in butchery , Other brother , made a salvage reclamation trek from down South , to rescue 900 lbs. of endangered car parts hidden deep in the schenry in the  gated-community violations along Nobile Road..

  Reclaimed valuables includes a set of 38 Ford artillery wheels and tires , a 38 torque-tube rear end with mechanical brakes , and a buggy spring front-end from the same pre-war period of Henry Ford’s historic mass production.

  All these reclaimed antique parts are destined to become the running gear beneath Other brother’s latest restoration project.. He’s breathing new life into a 1927 Willis-Overland touring car retrieved from a Montague County creek bottom several years ago…

  Some old men play golf… some restore antique cars…only a select few are inclined to do both..

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 Eddie Chiles is even-tempered compared to my political state of mind…

  I’m fed up with the inability to lead a goose to water under the Liberal lack-leadership of Barrack Husain Obama. He’s totally and irreversible inept.

  The only thing transparent about his Liars Club Cabinet and the socialist agenda is the boldness of their Constitutional denial.. Any blind sheik can see his favorable tolerance towards Islamic bafoons , and his total disdain for working class slobs in America that possess no money or political influence for his available use.

  He’s totally intimidated by the slightest disapproval from foreign dictators .. yet will lie through his lobster-eating teeth to advance his ill-conceived celebrity in his own egotist mind.

 This administration seems to thrive on division … I concede the division is coming soon , when God divides the wheat from the chaff ..

  I’m tired of giving him the benefit of the democratic doubt .. ignorance is no longer acceptable behavior for a President of the greatest declining nation in the free world. Obama needs desperately to hit the exit. He’s dragging an industrial giant down to his intellectual level.

  For far too long the gullible media has perceived him to be their messiah.. The misguided media’s omission of his political blunders is matched only by the ignorance and obvious inability of his appointments of liberal friends and crony contributors to positions of consequential duties resulting in the injustice ( Eric Holder )and insecurity ( John Kerry )of all Americans..

  Is there anyone out there who’d trust him to hold their wallet in a crowded room ?… Then why under God’s Heaven do we continue to entrust him with the future of all Americans..including our children.

   I’m discouraged by the passive blind acceptance of a man who seeks fervently to destroy what millions of patriots have given their lives to provide..

  I’m disappointed in our colleges and Universities who focus their teachings on political bias and unfounded opinions of liberal superiority.

 I’m deeply concerned with America’s intolerance towards the theology of our founding fathers. Today’s liberal mindset sees themselves as “One Nation Above God ” rather than the traditional “One Nation Under God” ..

  I’m angered by Obama’s half-hearted  support of Israel.. there is no nation of Palestine , they’re Arab immigrants from the surrounding 22 arab states , with no righteous claim to anything in Israel.. particularly not to Jerusalem.

  America is not a borderless nation… we can not feed and house every disgruntled immigrant from every impoverished nation on earth.. close the borders to all but legitimate channels of asylum and immigration.

  America no longer has respect for….each other… the flag…the Constitution….the Bible…authority…laws…morality…or public opinion..if it feels good , it’s an entitlement , an inalienable right.

 I’m sickened by growing corruption in elected offices of trust…the bi-partisan willingness of politicians to exchange honor for wealth ..to gain worldly pleasure at the expense of constituents, to value fame more than morality or trust.

  Canada is fast becoming the greatest nation on the continent … Wake up America … we’re circling down the porcelain bowl .

  Call me a “right-wing Nut ” , an abortion fanatic , a homophobe….even a Zionist….I no longer care…. At the age of 67 I’ve lived in the greatest Nation on Earth… and it deeply saddens me to see apathy and an apologetic attitude towards excellences , destroy what took two hundred years to build and defend.

 and furthermore to answer your suspicions that I may be drinking ….I’m drunk on disappointment in the nation that I’ve loved for my entire life, though I hardly recognize her proud past in her progressive future.

  A return to her former greatness is solely dependent on our willingness to return to the Godly principles that gave birth to America the beautiful.

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