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Landmark Lost …

 The landscape is changing once again in the capital city of Montague…. The old white house and adjoining barn that were standing long before I moved to Montague in 1953 , have been trampled into splintered memories by precinct equipment in the name of progress…

  The historic homestead immediately behind where Jessee Cox’s Variety store once stood has been purchased by the county and is slated for eventual expansion of government encroachment down-town ..

  Stately old oaks that witnessed the centennial celebration of fifty-eight as full-grown trees , have received a temporary reprieve … this newly available area will provide both shade and convenience for the up-coming Wild-fire cook-off..

  The home-place has been vacant for decades …but i vividly recall that unfamiliar occupants resided in the quaint location when I was ten …

  Like several other land-mark commercial properties on the north side of the square , the familiar house with unfamiliar owners has passed from reality to memories …falling to cold steel destruction of modern equipment and ever-changing modern times … 

  Who lived there Chipper ? …..I know you know !


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 …..so this is what seven million looks like … and the obvious reason a bottle of Heinz Ketchup is over-priced … fellow Democrat Tommy O’neal couldn’t sail this tub on the State-Park reservoir…

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Unbelievable ….

 The shocking , disheartening , unbelievable news of  Montague County Judge Ted Winn’s apparent suicide just arrived … This is tragic !… for whatever reason… May God be with his wife and children during this catastrophic revelation of events…

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  Who cares if Bill and Hillary spend two-million on Chelsea’s wedding… Who cares if they declare the Hudson River Valley a no-fly zone during the ceremony… Our very own local ( Bill Barns )spent nearly that much on his conglomerate merger with Poly-Wolly-doodle all day ..out at Chipper’s gated barn ….

 Barn’s had Presidents in attendance as well , two in fact…. Hoot  and Charlie Tyson … and obviously we were in a no-fly zone …. I never saw one aircraft in close proximity except for the bride’s arrival in Air Force 6 …..

   He had catered entertainment and professionally prepared food …. ( Tommy O’Neal ) … chocolate fountains and springs of frozen Margareta’s … all the same amenities and fanfare scheduled for the Presidential wedding of Chelsea and goober-head …

   Personally I think Barn’s got a better deal … He spent slightly less cash than Bill and Hillary , and walked away with a far superior piece of eye-candy… Polly-Wolly leaves Chelsea in the dust…plus the most redeemable factor of all , Bill Barns don’t have to look at Hillary across Thanksgiving dinner …. that makes him a clear winner !

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 Georgia State University says counseling student Jennifer Keeton needs to attend ” Diversity Sensitivity Training ” or consider changing her  ” counselor ” career choice , because she is a Christian and is openly opposed to homosexuality…she needs to attend a GAY parade …?

  University officials deem her Christian belief standards to be unethical and incompatible with prevailing views of the counseling profession…. ( more progressive politically correct campus crap )

  Apply that same logic to councilors of heroin addicts…. the counselor would need to be sympathetic to any means necessary to supply that expensive habit and openly accepting their alternate life-style … supportive of their unlawful addiction …

  Mothers Against Drunk Drivers need classes in ” Diversity Sensitivity Training “…. they don’t like drunks that drive…yet they have counselors …. where’s their compassion for the poor misunderstood drunk ?

  Marriage counselors need to attend too , they openly oppose the guy that beats his wife and kids….they are counselors … but the lowly Christians are unqualified to be counselors according to Georgia State , because that non-progressive religion opposes homosexuality ….. give me a sexually perverted but politically correct break … God help us all !

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 America needs desperately to track the source of wikileaks inciteful post and photos concerning our national policy of the war in Afghanistan…if they’ve not done so already …

   Whoever , whether military or civilian , whether democrat or republican or independent , whether my brother or yours , needs to be made the utmost example of disciplinary action… charged with the maximum penalty under the law… jailed without bond until his trial date before a military tribunal….prosecuted for treason … placed in solitary confinement for life ,  if not publicly executed….where he or she can NEVER endanger our soldiers again… THIS SCUM NEEDS TO PAY….

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    Scientists are amused and amazed at how quickly the oil stained Gulf is recovering…. according to their estimations only one or two percent has actually been retrieved by skimmers… 40 percent has disappeared through evaporation , the remainder of floating oil has actually been devoured by microbes … microscopic organisms found in all oceans …

   That’s 40 percent lost to evaporation , 58 percent clean up by microbes , the remaining 2% by human effort… in other words … God has cleaned up 98 % while thousands of men and millions of dollars were gathering two-percent… Maybe we just need to get out of His way….

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