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pam’s baby-boy

   just a quick up-date on the progress of the montague county minor-leaguer… he got his second shut-out last night… his first win as a pro… pitched five and two-thirds innings.. gave up five scattered hits…zero runs… lowered his e.r.a. for twenty five innings of play to 1.78….  ground ball to fly ball ratio… 14–1 (line drive to short for an out )  no bragg- just fact..


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remember recess

  i noticed that a crew of volunteers was erecting new play-ground equiptment over the week-end at montague school…. this new stuff looks totally foreign to me… bright colored plastic jungle… you can’t have any real fun on that stuff.. it’s all designed for safety… no thrill factor to it…

     i didn’t see the standard stuff like a merry-go-round….. you knew when the ride was over on that thing.. when you were slung off at a high rate of speed , right there in the dirt…. or drug for a couple of rounds when your over-alls hung on a split board… plenty of road-rash…

   then there was the slide.. high altitude…and hot metal…  second degree burns and an uncertain landing…a good place to get a strawberry decending that accident proned peice of sheet-iron…. crashing right on top of some unsuspecting soul that had made the trip down just ahead of you….

   last but certainly not least dangerous was the see-saw… a splintered up peice of two-by-twelve that would mash anything caught in it’s way…or the other guy could jump off while you were at the highest point— quick trip to the ground with a tooth rattlin stop…

   this stuff required a playground supervisor in order to keep recess injuries to a minimum… plenty of band-aids and monkey-blood were on hand to for first aid before returning to class… that was some real playground equiptment.. no plastic.. total disregard for safety….. fear-factor..

   the swing set and monkey-bars were equally as dangerous and equally as much fun as all this other standard playground stuff.. those were the days..  chipper and sereita on the see-saw… how sweet is that ??? she’d need an anvil in her pockett to even out the weight  differential…. or mike minor comin down the slide as you lay sprawled on the ground.. right in his line of fire…  david hughes cuttin in line at the swings… i didn’t say anything to him , acted like i didn’t notice.. he’d already thrashed me the year before for a minor infraction..

   then the bell rung.. recess was over..and so is this trip to the playground…

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lecherous liaison

   the reports are still trickling in from the saturday night gathering at the state park…. seems tom went missing about ten o’clock and a through search conducted by concerned friends was fruitless… eventually he did reappear as silently and quickly as he vanished…..

   he explained it away by saying he had retired to the travel-trailer for a short nap… exausted from the preperation and execution of the big event…..

   however,  during routine clean-up on sunday morning , a pair of ladies unmentionables were discovered on the flat-bed gooseneck out back of the hilton…..by ranger scott…

    these were not your run-of-the-mill  wal-mart drawers… according to the ranger… they were designer- bloomers for a petite lady… yellow polk-a-dot with frilly lace.. probably victotia’s secret… definitely not montgomery-ward…

   there is most assuredly no connection between the mysterious disappearance and the discarded drawers found on the gooseneck… at least that’s my thoughts on the matter….

   maybe an unannounced undiscovered visit from brittney spears would explain scotts discovery..  anyhow , he has the unclaimed pair of dainty’s in his trophy case , right between that stuffed crappie and his base ball trophy.. for any red-faced lady wishing to re-coop her losses….

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   i visited central christian church on sunday… what a beautiful old building. … high ceilings.. exposed beams.. plenty of wall length stained glass windows.. comfortable seats and a good air-conditioner… enough about the building..

    while the congregation was small , the welcome feeling i experienced was large…

   i’ve known scott for several years thru the bible class , but had never before attended his church…

   as i expected , he did an exempliary job of presenting the message title and subsequent  lesson…. he spoke on the relationship between the vine and the branches… God being the vine… the church and the congregation being the branches… how dead branches are trimmed away from the vine in order to promote growth to the remaining branches….

    as a grower of grapes myself, i understand perfectly this analogy….. as grapes produce best when they are pruned each year… most fruit are produced on new-growth.. non productive branches are trimmed and discarded…

    if you live in the nocona area, and are in search of a good christian place to worship.. let me recommend central christian… they have some empty pews and are a bible teaching congregation of God’s children…

    while pastor scott is not my physical brother , he is indeed my spiritual brother and i’m proud to call him so, for the work he is doing thru faith….

    may God continue to bless him and his flock of beleivers….

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  i met some new folks last night at tom’s place… one of which was winnie… actually i had met her and her husband once before at grumpy’s wedding , but only briefly … just prior to the fireworks display… they didn’t hang around too long after that…

     anyhow turns out i see her often times while i’m at work… just did’nt know who she was…. she lives over on the north side , in the hollywood addition…and often walks that neighborhood in the company of a couple of dogs… for exercise ..i thought she was training for that alaskan dog race…. the ididerod…

   the city has a sewer pump station  in that area that i , or one of the guys check on a daily basis… i’ve seen her joggin several times , but never tried to flag her down or make conversation for remembering what my old friend and counter-part (penaluna) told me one time…

    he said :   carter !! don’t ever try to visit with a lady when you’re in that city sewer truck…. they don’t respond well… just something about the smell of sewer that puts them on defense…. so i never tried to stop and exchange pleasantries with winnie….. thinking that one of three things would happen—all bad..

    either she’s gonna call 911 as soon as i drive along side…. or she’s gonna whip out a quart sized can of mace and light me up…or she’s gonna turn those ididerod dogs loose on me..   so i just nod and keep right on driving.. !!

    i also met on of ed’s life long buddies from back east…( herkie) !!!he lives in meunster… a card carryin square head… says the first time he met ed was at the german-fest several years ago… ed had paid one of those face-painters to paint a giant bloodshot eye-ball right in the center of his forehead…really looked nice… he had lost his adolesant daughter there at the festival and comandeered herkie to look for her…  

    somehow every time someone starts tellin tall tales at any sort of social gathering… herkie’s name always comes up…it’s been a long time dream of mine to actually meet the infamous herkie biffle.. and i finally did last night… i had actually over looked him initially… based on ed’s description of him , i was looking for a man with a square— head ….

    i also saw a couple of old friends i hadn’t seen in a while… both are named charles… both are bankers…. one was wearing a hat , one wasn’t…one was hanging round the fringes of the dance floor … one was’nt.. one was hittin on the ladies, one wasn’t….. you figure out which was which….

    all that being said… which one would you ask for a loan ???? honest answer..    either one… or both… borrow from one to pay the other…. i’ve borrowed money from both them charles’es’es… and i’m thinking if they’ll loan money to me they’ll loan it to just about anybody……hit em’ up !!!

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all for nought

  nobody reads this stuff on the weekend, but i’m writing it anyway…. just need to keep in practice for the report that is sure to come tonight at tommy o’neals air show.

   i had a super good saturday.. just mowing grass and burning brush… we can still burn stuff out here in sub-urbs…no code enforcement…. very few neighbors..

   i got a couple of calls while mowing this morning.. one from chipper and the boys on the road…. two hundred miles east of rabbit city south dakota… (chipper said rabbit– i asked him twice )… anyhow theyre rollin to sturgis.. anxiety settin in..

   the second call was from an informant, concerning the lack of transportation for the judges secretary… she had no way home , had to lay-over in the shadow of the fenotee-hilton…minimal acommidations.. her room was mounted on wheels…

    time to quit this and hit the shower.. it’s just an hour til show-time at the state park..  there will be a story there… i’ve just got to be there when it happens…..

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  mark the calander… tomorrow night – 5 p.m.- tom and his staff are hosting the biggest and the baddest thank-you extravaganza ever held in montague county..

   first of all on the program is the dare-devil  heart stoppin air show.. sure to thrill red-necks of all ages……then the night-crawler will do a couple of fly overs to add even more danger to the spectators…

   followed closely by some of the best groceries this side of new orleans…prime cut staff will have their best foot foreward…you can count on it !!!

   tom has purchased a winery in napa-valley calif.. he will be giving away one hundred and ten  bottles of two-wells wine… personal stock…must be present to win !!!

   if you notice a high level of security at the gate… that’s because democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and  speaker nancy pelosi could make an unannounced visit to chairman tom… to show their appreciation for his massive contributions to their careers…

    i’m tellin you… this is an event.. a happening… red walls and richard (dick ) beverage will provide the musical entertainment… if you don’t wanta attend this hootenanny hoe down, your about ready for belmire !!

    put on some brylcreme and come on out for the social event of the year, bring a lawn chair.. your gonna wanta stay…..

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