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John Kerrys Mouthpiece….

 That mysterious silent “P” in Jen Psaki stands for pubescent….


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All Points Bulletin

 What ever happened to NBC”s network practitioner , Dr. Nancy Snyderman ?

  She’s advised us on every medical topic known to modern man,  including the caloric intake in school lunches , to juvenile obesity , alcohol consumption and carcinogens in tobacco products..  Shes been the final word on medical prevention and cures at NBC every day … until her camera man contracted Ebola in Africa while filming a documented account of Snyderman’s valued expertise on the subject..

   She returned to America under voluntary quarantine… but violated that self-imposed quarantine for take-out Pizza.. Her credibility tanked..she disappeared from public scrutiny and from NBC”s nighty broadcast..

 Her disappearance is as mysterious as the new Ebola Czar…. he was appointed under much fanfare by Obama , and has NOT been heard from since.. Is he monitoring Dr.Nancy Snyderman’s temperature  in seclusion ? Are both quarantined in isolation ?


 Thank You Dr. Snyderman for all that hypocritical advise , as always !

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Cooking the Facts …

If homosexuality is a blessing from God as Tim Cook proclaims , why can’t they procreate ?…did God forget the important flaw ?… did He mistakenly overlook their need to replenish the Earth with like kind…?

  The obvious answer is no same-sex couple can reproduce without  assistance from a donor or surrogate , or a team of scientist or doctors … That my friend is in accordance with God’s flawless blessing …any variation from that is not a blessing but a curse.

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 Retired Army Generals warn Obama needs to think twice before releasing or bartering off any more terrorist detainees from Guantanamo.

 I conclude… You need to think once before you can think twice.. Obama is not notorious for heavy thinking..

  He traded five merciless Jihadist for a single deserter in the middle of the night ,and has vowed to close Gitmo completely… However , George W. released far more detainees than Obama has to date.

 Regardless of which President releases terrorist to fight again , it’s a terrible non-sensical ridiculously BAD idea. Make a visit to our Veterans Hospitals… witness the carnage these Satanic goons have done in the name of religious Jihad.. There is NO positive outcome to a negative action..

We desperately need someone to lead our nation from this dark place we have chosen as home.

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Elections Matter

 Denton Texas voters will decide on Tuesday whether hydraulic fracturing will go forward or be disallowed within the city limits of their fair city..

   Considering the small number of wells involved , this may seem as inconsequential to outside observers , Not So…

  Surface owners will soon decide if their preference takes precedent over mineral owners and oil investors.. This will be the precedent that Libs have long-awaited if voters decide to ban hydraulic fracturing within Denton.

 Their decision will influence any future decisions involving landowners rights versus mineral owners rights in Denton…and possibly in other Metro areas of our oil producing state..

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Chris Christy has anger management issues… aside from being too moderate for my consideration , he seems unable to control his own arrogance…

  Anyone who challenges his authority is subjected to his condescending volatile personality..

  Perhaps that approach would not fare well with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jung… these guys have nuclear weapons… Do we really want a “Hot-Head” telling tyrants with nuclear capabilities to sit down and shut up ?

  Decorum and diplomacy are foreign subjects to the Jersey Governor.. Thumbs down on Christy… next suspect… and don’t say Jeb Bush ..

  Dig a little deeper in the well …

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An Apple that Matters…

 Israel is the “Apple ” of God’s eye……God’s words , not mine… and the Obama administration has just stuck their finger in the Apple of God’s eye..

  A currently “un-named” advisor czar to the President referred to Netanyahu as a chicken-s–t coward ……that should really warm Israels affection towards America…and accomplish much towards peaceful resolution of the Mid-East fiasco..

  If you are among the few who still hold out that Obama is not a Mooslum sympathiser , explain to me why this attitude towards our ONLY middle-eastern ally would be tolerated for even an instant ?

   Obama remains mute on the subject…thinking that the ignorance and arrogance of his chosen advisers will be overlooked by Israel and American Zionist..

  He much prefers an international relationship with the barbarians overseeing the asylum known as Iran.. Obama defies logic , considering his professed christian faith..He’s an unabashed idiot of the first order..and his entourage of liberal advisors are equally as stupid.. Kerry , Rice , Hagel , and Holder….all inept !

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