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One of the most colorful characters in North Texas is hospitalized with a fractured femur….currently in Wichita Falls , but expected to return to Nocona General early next week…

Denny Ray Towery , though inaudible to some , is a diligent attendee of Jean’s Bible Class in Nocona…a faithful participant in weekly worship , and as finances allow,  gives willingly towards fulfilling the obligations of the group…

It’s time for the community in turn ,to support Mr. Towery with sincere prayers and thoughtful deeds in his time of extenuating circumstance .. Denny needs to feel the love he’s righteously entitled to….God made him , but only you can make him smile…it’s surprisingly easy to do, with a card , a tin of snuff , or a crisp picture of Abraham Lincoln…

Get Well Denny….for our selfish sake..



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The Rooskies have hacked all servers pertaining to the DNC… but countless attempts to hack Hillary’s personal server failed miserably.. … she had impenetrable RS-32 insulation in her basement….plus a Tick Toc combination lock on the door..

James Comey couldn’t access it with her password..  and a full set of Craftsman screw drivers…National Security was never in danger… right ?

I feel all better now…may even vote for Hillary , as soon as the Ice Cap melts from Gore’s hot air prediction…and brings San Antonio to ocean front real estate status….

Loons , lunatics , and losers on the loose….

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Retro News

Everything’s bigger in Texas….

13872877_1214569785240558_3500376834935252966_n Farmer Ray

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Pigeons or Pike…

Ed’s off on another fishing excursion…in Canada..

If he’s not blasting pigeons in the piney woods of East Texas, he’s hooking Pike in pristine sparkling waters of the north.. He’s such a manly man.. and equally astute at mooching in on friends and relatives..

He’s bored in like a wood-tick on Junior’s financial success … Living the life of Merlin Perkins … sipping on free beer and throwing the cans in the bottom of the boat..

Watch for his picture in the next edition of Sportsman’s Guide… he’ll be the boat ballast … all ballooned up on free beer..

Wait …!! I recognize Big “O” in that crowd……guess Lonetta is feeding the cows and hauling hay…

13654392_1038168352956805_1025423192206893669_n Smelly Fish

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I recall as a child , my Mom entering my room just prior to dawn on a typical school day…singing that same annoying jingle ” I hate to get up in the morning ” , flipping on the light , and clapping her hands as though sunrise was a joyous occasion… Man I hated that….I have two brothers to verify the dreaded tune….

An equally annoying alarm clock has since replaced her morning ritual…She never won any vocal awards anyway, but she did genuinely love life and her three rebellious boys.. missing you Ruby…she was a rare jewel no doubt , just not much of a crooner…

Mom…. Just wanted you to know…sunrise is approaching and I’m up on this another glorious day.. still practicing the lessons you taught me and trying my best to live the righteous example you set before me.. but I’ll not be singing at dawn..

Carolyn has no sense of humor for lights or morning tunes…she’s far more demonstrative than I ever was…

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Tom went to scads of trouble to record the lack of activity around the Soup-Kitchen..then blurred the view, to safe-guard the true identity of armed security personnel.

13754619_505162259675524_12543584995588518_n Soup Kitchen


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Reagan Speaks…

12744175_1131542383570785_6567264687649152253_n Bernie

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