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Advance the Kingdom…

    As I sit here awaiting the dawn of a new day , my mind wanders to all the undeserved blessings God has bestowed on me and my family..

  His grace and mercy exceeds all feelings of entitlement or expectations… His love for believers and non-believers alike is unfathomable.. His compassionate salvation is extended to all who willingly submit to His calling spirit..

  We truly serve a great and mighty God… His love will defend us from our enemies … His promises sustain us in times of trouble..His provisions enable us to physically serve His Kingdom.. Praise His Holy name !

  Expect exceedingly great and mighty things to influence your journey this Tuesday.  God loves you regardless of past transgressions.. Adore Him by Christian example today…. Live the gospel ..


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Team Vogel ….

Jessica does the work , while Springer gets the milk…typical politician !

10599687_10203177629898392_4559868728632907570_n  Teamwork

 Hard to imagine this goat-milker addressing a Joint Session in the Capital.

  You may see this photo used in future campaign ads , especially in blue counties of Texas

  Seriously…thanks team Vogel…. for your selfless sacrifice to Child Welfare of Montague County ..

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Statistics advise there is 1.6 billion Muslims throughout the globe ….arguably the largest religion in the world..

  Conservative estimates claim only ten percent of which have been radicalized … 90 % are moderate….Here’s the reality of that profound finding !

  160 million radicals of Islam…that’s half the entire population of America.. 160,000,000 people , with devout intentions of killing every soul that fails to convert to Islam….determined to rule the world by the sword and Sharia Law…. alarming !

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Beating a Dead Horse…

  “Workplace Violence” is getting a bad wrap… If you ever entertained the thought of punching a fellow employee over personal differences , you are now being placed on a plateau with radical Islamic terrorist …or rather , their offense has been lowered to parallel yours..

  Schoolyard scuffles are technically examples of workplace violence… bundled by today’s liberal society in the same category with religious beheadings..

  All forms of violence now falls undivided under one simple heading…whether spontanious assault or well planned assassination..or religiously inspired..

  Unprovoked violence is totally unacceptable , in the workplace or at home or at Denny’s… but beheading a total stranger because your god inspired you to avenge their non-conversion , is well beyond the pale of workplace violence.. it’s Jihad..

 Though most families in America have access to a dictionary , either in hard copy or online websites , we continue to minimize radical Islam , by misusing less offensive language….

  Labeling a ravenous dog as Man’s best friend does nothing to change the reality of his heart or fatal attacks… Bad dogs bite…our best defense is to identify the underlying intent , and audibly announce it to the world..

  Beheading is radical Islamic behavior…..dating back three thousand years…..non-typical behavior for Jews or Christians or civilized humanity..it’s radical…and typically Islamic.. Call it by its rightful title..


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Leading Alone …

Indeed I listened to Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations Assembly… I sat spell bound..clinging to every word the historic Prime Minister of Israel had to say…

  I inadequately reflect his words of wisdom ….his profound statement of indisputable truth… Hamas of the Gaza Strip is ISIS , is Iran…

  Militant Islam in Gaza is no different in ideology or theology from the militants of Syria or Iraq or Iran….. and I might add , or militant individuals in Moore Oklahoma or Ft.Hood Texas.

 I long for the days before political correctness…when our ally’s had trust and confidence in America’s words and bold actions…. when militant Islam knew our undivided determination to defeat them.. when neutral countries respected our leadership and military willingness to defend freedom and righteousness anywhere in the world…

  I’m deeply saddened by the Jews disappointment in America….our reluctance to unconditionally defend the only Democratic ally in all the Middle East..

  I’m equally embarrassed by this administrations tepid lip-service towards militant Islamic aggression.. Iran continues undeterred in their quest for nuclear weapons.

  I’m powerless… as I watch Islam grow in numbers and influence while America retreats to leading from behind… It’s shameful…pathetic !

   My only recourse is to pray daily for the peace of Israel , and wait patiently for a positive change in leadership in 2016…

  God bless Israel’s unassisted determination to exist…in the face of overwhelming odds… Jesus of Nazareth shall righteously defend you !  America is out to lunch….

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 Last Night at AT&T Stadium ….

1891047_828964503801762_7218106368961697650_n High Water

  You write the caption… I’m lost for words..

  Perhaps the California Lib could shed some wisdom on ttoe’s photo..

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Tom Sawyer ….

 Why on earth do educated people in positions of authority and trust continue the charade of “work-place violence ” in the beheading in Moore Oklahoma ?   It sickens me !

   This is another case of Ft.Hood political correctness stupidity.. Alton Nolen, aka(Jah’Keem Yisrel by choice ), converted to Islam.. He and Nidal Hassan are two equal peas in a pod …both are radical Jihadist..both killed in the name of alla…..both were uttering Arabic phrases at the time of their evil acts….

  Yet few in media , and practically no-one on Pennsylvania Ave. , have the gumption to point a finger at Islam….

  If the beheading had taken place in an automobile , would it then likewise be considered a fatal car wreck ? If it had happened in the water would it be another drowning statistic ?

  Just because the Islamic atrocity happened at his place of employment , in no way justifies the insane assumption that it was only work related..

   The firing of Jah’Keem Yisrael merely triggered the outward revelation of his inward spirit.. He was and is by definition a Muslim terrorist..tried and true Jihadist….dedicated to mayhem and world domination…subserviant to the false prophet Mohammad and his henchmen..

  I’m telling you what our President Barack Husain Obama refuses to outwardly admit..Alton Nolen is a jihadist… a terrorist …a Muslim convert…

  Break out the white-wash at the White House…time for a second coat !

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