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Thanks to whomever ….

 For all the faithful contributors to the Christ-Can Donation Jar at the Ultimate Store , you are without question giving from the heart anonymously . I never know who these vital contributions are from , but compassion is the only factor that motivates you to share your blessings with others.

 Thank you for being an equal partner in our ministry ! Your reward will surely come in the form of personal satisfaction and blessings from the Almighty ..Your generosity does not go un-noticed regardless !

   Christ will NOT be indebted to you for feeding His children …. expect blessings for you and your house .. Thanks !


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 Then there was the time the enterprising entrepreneur , Little Danny , erected a series of storage buildings to add to his list of commercial holdings in down town Nocona ..

  Some equally creative commercial roofer was first among Dan’s grateful tenants ..

  He had a continuing  environmental problem disposing of asbestos shingles that he removed from roofs in the area ..It was no longer legal to dump them in landfills , dump in land-owners ravines , or even burning them for permanent disposal was banned… so he instigated an ingenious but somewhat unethical plan …

  He rented a couple of storage units from Dan , disposed of 5,000 lbs. of toxic shingles into the rented units , then promptly discontinued his rental payments !… problem solved ! or should I say transferred ?

    This is the only documented account of the Red Ant actually getting stung … but he can also think fast on his feet ….he immediately sold the storage units to some other unsuspecting businessman !

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Ranger-recap …

 Last night’s Ranger game went great thru the first inning …Then Derrick Holland encountered a difficult misfortune ..The second inning began !

Hopefully their redemption will come tonight against the Canucks ..

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Camp-cooks …

Not all the ingredients are Kosher ,  neither are the chefs , but I promise there will be nothing left but the foil in the pan anytime this trio yell’s Let’s Eat !

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Brats and Beer ….

 Brady O’Neal must be in charge of setting prices at German-Fest ..$5.oo to park , $10.00 to gain entry to the festivities… $3.oo for a coke … $8.oo for a brat and twister-potatoe …I spent my alloted 25 bucks within the first five minutes after pulling off the high-way. Good thing there were no side-walk use taxes , I’d been throwed out for being delinquent !

   The only thing they failed to charge for was that incessant ooompa Kraut music ..even the native German’s wouldn’t pay to hear that ..

  The major difference I detected between Muenster’s German gathering and Montague’s assembly of Italians at the Wild-Fire bar-b-cue , was the number of paying participants.. You couldn’t stir the kraut for the wieners …that place was packed !

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Net-Zero ….

Tom’s benefit garage-sale for Ed was a complete and utter failure … all his friends brought their tokens of concern to be sold for his redemption …no-one brought nothing ! No buyers came ! no sellers came , not even a passing looker !

   Obviously his closest neighbors and blood kin were deeply moved by his plight , and soon Ed will be moving too !

   Sorry , I had a previous appointment with Doyle Hess at German-Fest ….

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Bull-Fest… German-Fest…. and Turkey-Fest ,  all in the same two-day span … should be extremely peaceful in Montague except for the sirens of passing paddy-wagons !

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