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Bad Omen

 There’s been a couple of buzzards hanging around my house for the last couple of days … roosting on a light pole by the car port , landing in a dead tree out back , and hopping around inside the back yard fence ….I’m not much on superstition but the ______turkey buzzards are starting to close in on my psyche …
 I feel fine , no debilitating cough , no prolonged dizziness or periods of incoherence .. I’m thinking they must be watching Carolyn ..She says they’re after me …

  Regardless of Obama’s gun control issues , I’m about ready to break out the long-tom AR 747 and start blasting !


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Dead fish delivery ….

 Journalist Bob Woodward warned Gene Spurling he was about to publish an article proclaiming that Obama , not the Republicans , had the original brain storm of sequester…..Now Obama is screaming the sky is falling because Republicans refuse to stop it …and largely embellishing its Armageddon effects…

  Bob subsequently received a phone call from Obama’s puppet , Spurling ,warning there could be consequences if he proceeds with publishing the revelation that most already know …

  The implied threat was to eliminate Bob’s press contact with the President…

    Chicago community organizer tactics ..first lie about reality then threaten the opposition ! Obama learned the valuable principle of leadership in the corrupt bowels of Chicago … Intimidation performed by some expendable subordinate works wonders ..
The advertised 85 billion reduction in increased spending , is not a spending cut at all .. and the actual reduction for this year is more like 44 billion .. Obama is incapable of honesty and transparency that he adamantly stumped in his never-ending campaign speech beginning in 2007 ..

  The man is a habitual liar and the truth is foreign to his roots …. remember the Koran and Sharia Law say it’s O.K. to lie provided it’s for the good of Allah..

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The Marine has landed

The grandson , Cpl. Justin Lee Carter of the United States Marine Corps is back on Texas soil today…after an anxious tour of duty in undisclosed tent cities somewhere in the Middle East …
  Praise God for his safe return …He witnessed the great earthquake in Japan a couple of years back , and the perils of life as a soldier in Kuwait and beyond …

  Thank you Jesus for answering all our selfish prayers for his protection …We are forever humbled by your infinite grace ….. Welcome home soldier !

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Musical Madness ….

 I can hardly wait …Tom is scheduled to return from Nashville today. Though in his absence, he has remained totally silent ….I can only imagine the play-by-play description of his close encounters with musical magnets and recording artist he has in store for a captive audience at the Ultimate Store on tomorrow.

Undoubtedly he broke bread with Mel Tillis and Wayland Jennings….or shared a cab with Shania Twain …Porter Waggoner ..and Little Jimmy Dickens..

 Brady’s inheritance was well spent ..Tom left his mark in Nashville ..and Jolie Holliday is destined to sing her way to fame and fortune …

  Not a bad legacy for a man who can’t carry a tune in a toe-sack ….tell Brady’s kids to eat cake !


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Thought for the day …

 Here’s a thought that hadn’t occurred to me until the Black Republican suggested it in a personal E-mail .

  Perhaps Pope Benedict has not resigned due to his failing health or the even for the scandal that seems to plague the priesthood in modern times .. Maybe Pope Benedict just wants to attend Montague County Cowboy Church like everybody else……..Caballero could be Italian ?

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Basketball Bling …

 Who better to send to North Korea than Dennis Rodman … He’s the pride of American diplomats everywhere …looking like he narrowly survived an explosion in a key-ring factory !

  He and Kim Jung should be on the same intelligence level though Kim Jung only comes to Rodman’s waist . They can play a friendly game of HORSE , where the threatened spectators will cheer for Unn of face immediate decapitation…or the dictator and the diplomat can stand in review for a choreographed military parade ..

  Maybe  Ahmadinejad can come over for some neighborly two-on-one…… two shorty’s guarding the decorated jewelry giant ….

  seriously , Rodman is hosting round-ball training camps for the subservient..

  I fully expect Kim Jung will forfeit his nuclear weapons before Rodman gets through shootin hoops.

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Imaginary friends…

 What’s all the stir ?….. I think it’s quite appropriate that Michelle made presentations at the Academy Awards  … after all she’s been ” acting ”  since Barry first took the oath ….acting like she’s proud of America ….

   Besides , that’s just one more reason NOT to watch a gathering of egotistical , self-aggrandizing , self-appointed celebrity , narcissistic play actors .. I think it’s great !

Perhaps politicians should likewise give themselves awards as the movie industry does…. but wait , they already do …..in the form of frequent pay raises , lavish retirement benefits , insider-trading exemptions , lobbyist gift/bribes, executive privilege ,and my personal favorite exemptions from Obamacare..

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