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In the midst of New Year’s celebration , another batch of Hillary’s e-mails will be released today…despite seasonal distractions and partisan hope that virtually no-one is looking in the direction of private servers..

I’m confident nothing of National Security has been compromised… . Hillary assured us that they were mostly correspondence with Chelsie about shoes and handbags etc….. why would we ever question the validity of her word ? …She has repeatedly vowed transparency to all Americans..

If Hillary said it…it’s gospel  according to ttoe..


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Fifteen is Fading….

Sorry…I haven’t posted anything in  number of days…cause I’ve been involved in seasonal training…pushing the limits….reaching deep within to regain the greatness of my youth at “the Lonesome Dove” in Lone Star..

Tonight marks the beginning of a brand new year…when Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper act as though they are compatible with average Americans , while the over-rated ball drops on a million spectators in Times Square..

Montague County Locals are more inclined towards public drunkenness…slamming down boiler-makers…binge drinking.. being obnoxious… actin a fool….showing their as-perations to wake up in Sheriff Cunningham’s Hotel…

Nuther-Brother called to report he was boiling down a whopping mess of Collards…with a side order of fat-back and black-eyed peas…swamped on a steaming slab of cast-iron skillet cornbread for New Years Day..

Here at the Old Folks Home , we’ll be doing neither.. already had my share of headaches and spinning beds…already experienced the proverbial trots after a settin of fresh collards and cornbread.. I’ve watched the unimpressive ball drop over New York City… seen Cooper and heard Kathy’s potty vocabulary…. done it , seen it done..

I suspect I’ll just avoid all the traditions by turning in early…say 8 or 8:30…thereby evading police and potential dysentery by means of early retirement..

There’s comfort in growing old with a woman whose unimpressed by public intoxication or fresh toxic greens from the garden…

Happy New Year….wake me for morning coffee !

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Irony Indeed..

Hillary has been chosen as the ” Most Admired Woman “again…for the fourteenth consecutive year…

I’m not sure who’s deciding this, or what this means for Hillary, or her deceptive campaign…but my major concern is what does this say for the other 150,000,000 ladies living in the U.S. of A. If she’s the most admired , all the others must be real skunks..

How many lies are they telling us ? How much cash from foreign dictators is mysteriously deposited to their accounts ? What’s the death toll during their tenure of gainful employ ? How many insider trade deals have they managed to dodge ?

Most Admired ?..by whom and for what reason ?  This is the least scandalous achievement of her scandalous resume’ .

She’s a disgrace to womanhood…

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Obama’s ISIL Strategy

I know what you’re thinking….” what strategy ?”…but he actually does have a plan….When they close in on the White House , he’ll whack’em with his selfie stick…..from his cowering position behind Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

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Dianna Lynne

The kids have departed , the pantry is clear…

nothing here to eat but the salt of our tears..

The roads are all covered in a blanket of white…

Starvation will find us long before night..


Oh what I’d give for a half-eaten crust….

of forgotten pie and Lynne’s broken trust..

The heartbreak of hunger , the pain of near death…

Pale when compared to your Dad’s last request.


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Short Visit…

Alas… winter’s come calling..

white crystals of snow are continually falling..

An unwelcome guest,

without proper summons or formal request…


How long will she linger, how long will she stay ?

No seasoned forecaster can factually say…!

Hope elsewhere she’s gone,

by the end of the day..


Little did they wonder….far less did they know..

I’m native Texan…can’t tolerate snow.



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You Decide..

The ” Shrink ” is making a fashion statement in the company of an all-men’s gathering…is it Presidential ?…or something far more sinister ?


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