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For former residents now scattered over the Continental U.S. of A. , David in Bakersfield , Kody in Washington , and Nancy in Bangor Maine … It’s a typical day in Montague ! Not a cloud in the sky , flags flying gently in the breeze , 77 degrees , and not an available parking place within two blocks of the Capital …


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Parking wars ….

 Finding a parking spot around the courthouse has become problematic as of late.. Carolyn now sets a Reserved Parking Cone out on Wednesday afternoon to insure needy clients have access to the Food Bank…

    However , Oil Barons and Lawyers seem to be illiterate….. or unsympathetic towards the poor-people.  Tommy O’Neal parked his truck directly in the loading zone ….and walked to his corporate office half a block away .  Oh what I’d give for a Parking-Boot or a meter-maid in Montague ….

   Thanks for parking crooked against the grain , you not only blocked the loading-zone but caused a Litigation Expert to park on a side-street two blocks away!

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Bad reviews for Branson ..

 A tone-deaf tornado turned right down the main-drag in Branson Missouri .. meteorologists are attempting to answer the customary question .. Was this actually a tornado or just straight line winds , or was it something far more sinister ?

  Could it possibly be there is a more logical , more practical explanation for the mayhem ?  I’m thinking the music-gods have simply grown increasingly intolerant of the Baldknobbers ?

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It’s leap day …just a friendly reminder , if you feel the need to leap please consider the highest launching pad available.. take a giant leap for mankind ! Leap now and avoid the rush when Obama is re-elected !

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Laying Whitney to rest …

 I have nothing to add to her phenomenal God-given talent ..It stands unchallenged .. nor do I wish to cast judgement on her untimely death or the circumstance surrounding her supposed preventable demise.

   The portion of her life that I wish to accent is the contrast between outward and inward success. Few mortals will ever experience the heights to which her musical career soared but that phenomenal success failed miserably to immunize her frailties against earthly temptations or inadequacy..

 I empathise with her …She loved a God that loves us all despite our short-falls… He came not to condemn us for weakness , but to provide an avenue of eternal salvation for the weakest among us ..

  She is a child of God with an angelic voice and despite her mortal insecurities , and I can only assume she now sings sweet notes in God’s Choir of Forgiven Angels ..forever !

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Zion matters …

  Many Christians today fail to make our Biblical connection to Israel.. Some mistakenly think that God’s promises to Israel have been replaced by the Church. Nothing could be farther from the truth !

   First , Israel is relevent today because without Judaism there is no Christianity ..The Jews gave us Jesus and His Disciples.. They gave us the first recorded Bible . They gave us Abraham Issac and Jacob , Mary and Joseph , Moses … Noah and on and on !.. They gave us the Ten Commandments .. They built the first Temple..They gave us the Holy City of Jerusalem .

   The reasons to be eternally grateful for the Jewish people are infinitely numerous..Without them and their influence , the is no hope of eternal salvation for ANY inhabitants of planet Earth..They were the conduit from which all Christian blessings flowed ..That’s a Biblical fact !

   For us to assume all Israel’s blessings and promises have somehow been mysteriously transferred to the present-day Church of Christ , is to call God’s written Word inaccurate and thereby proclaim God as a liar..

 God’s promise to Abraham is literal.. It still stands unchanged and untarnished .. It’s prophetic and will be fulfilled exactly as promised.. Israel is not and occupied state , it’s an owned state !..Given explicitly to the Jews by Almighty God as their homeland throughout all time .. Israel boundaries are clearly stated in the Bible , not determined by wars or treaties or external political influence from President Obama..

  Israel is the only nation in our present world to exist long before the birth of Christ , and the only nation promised to still exist when Christ returns.

  God instructs us to pray for the peace of Israel .. Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed .. Our instructions include witnessing to the Jew first then the Gentile ..

   God STILL considers them His chosen people.. As demonstrated by the Apostle Paul , you can not hate the Jews and claim to love God . The two are inseparable ..

  Above all else I am first and foremost a Christian , but I am also a devout Zionist . Israel is the place Christ departed this wicked world and that’s exactly the place He will return as soon as the time of the Gentiles has passed .. perhaps today !  Believe it !

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Fish or cut bait !

 In a confused attempt to subsidize his loan-shark income by qualifying for the history channel’s latest reality show , ” Oklahoma Noodling ” , the Big Bank Banker’s able Okie assistant mistakenly thought he had noodled a trophy catfish from the Red River..

   Regrettably when he sobered up,  it turned out to be a bass ! and all hopes of being featured on prime-time television were dashed against the rocks within the briny deep waters of Red River.

   He’s back behind the desk this morning , fishing for financial victims in the corporate world where he resides… still in hopes of landing the ‘”Big-One ” to make his mark in an ocean of Perona’s !

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