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  Things have been relatively silent in East Germany since Herkie inadvertently pushed the wrong button on his I-phone… He accidentally marked Montague County Moments to SPAM  and can’t figure out how to rectify the problem… ( You try text-messaging with an Earl Campbell hot-link while driving an eighteen-wheeler …)

   At one time , any post I made sent an automatic alarm to his internet connected phone…. alerting him of possible inflammatory remarks concerning his demented German character.. But now , I’m free to lambaste the krought below the radar.. He’s oblivious to any dispersion cast in his easterly direction..unconnected… G-3 inoperable .. fair-game !

   The big-lug is unaware that its open season on square-heads til he figures out how to reverse his big-thumb transaction.. What are the odds of him having an intellectual vision on I-phone operation..?   I’m thinking it’s a life-time free pass for ethnic insults.. It’s an unforseen Christmas gift for the shortfellow.. til his oversized ham of a hand , accidentally finds the undo button… what about those cankles ?


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  Ed thought Santa was bringing him a new truck for Christmas…. that is , til he made a serious stop at Al’s dealership to check the depth of the water… Seems depreciation has eaten his lunch.. The thirty thousand dollar investment of two years ago has racked up a hundred thousand miles during it’s free-fall in deflated value.. Top offer , ten thousand dollars trade in… Ed’s crying the car-dealer blues , they hum-bugged his Christmas. No more Noel for Ed…

   He has continually , relentlessly mad fun of my 93 Shy-Ann for which I paid 4,500 dollars four years ago .. I’ve driven it sixty thousand miles since purchase… 45 hundred divided by 60,000 comes up to seven cents a mile ….or eleven hundred a year for transportation…

   ED paid thirty thousand , and has driven his two years , a hundred thousand miles… 30,00 divided by a hundred K is thirty cents a mile… or ten thousand a year for transportation.. less trade in.. Ten thousand a year versus eleven hundred … the only add-on he has that I don’t have , is on-star and x-m radio…plus that remote start gismo…  and he thinks I’m the idiot..

   Obviously Santa has de-ducted for whiskey-dents and floorboard clutter… leaving Ed with chunks of coal in his Christmas stocking !…Baaaah Humbug !

  You might try lowering your sickle Ed… get it down in the rocks and stumps where I drive….for seven cents a mile …

     For nine thousand a year difference , I can listen to KBAN. ( conservative radio )

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   The last of the turkey and dressing is gone… the bones went by way of the dog-bowl … Thanksgiving and black-friday are behind us , all house-guests have departed for parts unknown… quiet has finally returned to the aftermath of another holiday… It’s time to salvage the house…. repeat the drudgery of the two-day routine just accomplished before the first guest arrived .. The first cleaning was futile , the second is necessary to refurbish the nest prior to a repeat performance in December… polish the crystal and silver , a man’s work is never done !

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NO Vacancy…..

 Sixteen rugged construction workers employed on the railroad bridge bypass in Bowie were saddened to learn of the unavailability of beer in our dry-city… They were destined to spend eighteen months working and living in an alcohol-free town… a fate only slightly preferred to unemployment..

  Interrogation of the locals revealed beer and wines are available in abundance only twenty miles to the north in Nocona… They decided rather than live in a dry town and make the daily drive for beer , they’d just live in Nocona and make the daily drive to work in Bowie..

  A delegation of prospective motel clientel ventured north to Nocona in search of suitable accommodations and liquid refreshment… Their arrival in the sleepy town was met with flashing red-lights , not for welcoming the prospective tenants to town , but for assessment of financial punishment for exceeding the posted speed-limit….

   They dismissed the impromptu inconvenience as happenstance . Signed the citation and proceeded to the beer store , then returned to their temporary residence in Bowie.. a few days later they decided to return to Nocona for more beer and a second attempt at locating suitable habitat for sixteen construction workers…

   As fate would allow , these same men were stopped by the same officer for the second time in as many visits…. for failing to meet the driving criteria of the Nocona City Council …

  Needless to say , these able-bodied construction hands decided they could not only ill-afford to live in a motel in Nocona , they could no longer even afford to visit… They are still living in Bowie and buying their beer by the pick-up load in down-town Decatur…

  Speed sometimes Kills….. and so does over-zealous enforcement…it kills the local economy except for city-hall .

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Thanks for thanksgiving….

  The solitude of Carolyn’s reclusive home was interrupted with sounds of youthful activity on Saturday… Our three children and their children were all home for Thanksgiving , except for our Marine across the pond and his baby sister Ashley… Sounds of barking dogs and crying children broke the well established silence of elderly living… It was a pleasant refreshing change… temporal but treasured.

   The morning was spent in traditional fashion … women preparing more food than this battalion of Carters could ever hopefully consume… Golden brown turkey and stuffing , pecan pie , and all the feast remembered from thanksgivings in more youthful times..

   It was a great day of laughter and card-games .. college football and armchair quarterbacks….guys taking target practice down at the range.. hot coffee and treasured kinship.. It was a marvelous day in the growing gene-pool of Larry and Carolyn Carter… a celebration of thanksgiving and feast…  topped with a suspenseful helping of Boomer-Sooner……. exhaustion overtook me at half-time , I fell willingly into blissful slumber on the couch….God is truly good.. for the blessings bestowed on this Montague County family today….. Happy Thanksgiving !

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Christmas is giving….

 The Montague Methodist Church is collecting Christmas donations for the U.S.O. They are asking all interested individuals , Churches , or civic organizations to join them in assisting  the American Military in this time of seasonal good-will.

  Interested parties can take donated items to Tara Kay at Fenoglios Bail Bond office in Montague or check the poster at the Montague Post Office for further details… phone contacts include Kay Romine or Becky Holland of the Methodist church… Deadline for donations is December 1st  , but please don’t wait til the last-minute to assist our deserving soldiers and vets.

   Thanks for including our patriotic soldiers in your family celebration of Christ’s birth ….

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Left-over buffet….

  Moochers breakfast is on for tomorrow morning… Ed has a bunch of left-over turkey and dressing.. we’re working it into the menu rather than scrap the neighbors dogs.. Turkey and Eggs… Dressing omelet.. Dressing and eggs… Turkey omelet…Turkey/Dressing Omelet… giblet gravy and biscuits… French Turkey-Egg Toast .. its festive and filling if not fresh….

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