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 Pig ribs slow cooking all afternoon on Private Road 409…

 photo[1]  ..
Tommy O’Neals patented Bacon steaks sizzling on Fenoglio Road……..



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Labor Day..

 Labor Day is all about labor at the Carter household…David and the girls came home from the Metro-Mess for a week-end visit.. which coincidentally coincides with a national celebration of labor….therefore let the indentured labor begin..

  Saturday started with the first in a series of home projects…trimming out the ceiling boards on the back patio…renovating a cracker-box Lincoln welder…installing lag bolts for a grandkids tree-house project in the back yard..

   Sunday started with discussions of early departure… Dave suddenly remembered he left the closet light on at home…see ya when the snow is on the ground….

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Local Lady on Fox….

Just moments ago I saw a brief segment on Fox news dealing with the recent decision to arm school teachers in Argyle Texas…

 Governor Huckabee aired his support for Argyle’s decision to post signs and arm at least one trained teacher within the building to defend helpless children while waiting for proper authorities to arrive…

  Then Fox shared a brief interview with a parent of a student at Argyle’s school system…while the name of the parent was imposed in bold print across the nationally viewed screen.

 Lacey Fenoglio did a fabulous job of representing the consensus of most protective parents in Texas…. while providing a clear and concise defense of Argyle’s practical solution to armed school invasions..  Way to go Lacey…!

 She showed poise and practicality on a world-wide stage…thumbs up for Lacey…and Gov. Huckabee did tolerable as well.

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Wrong Word….

Pundits and editors alike are guilty of underestimating the motivation or inspiration that drives ISIS to commit midievil atrocities unfamiliar to civilized societies …

News anchors often refer to the ideology of ISIS..which indicates a political belief as a basis for their actions..

   I believe the driving force behind ISIS is “theology ” rather than “ideology”……Religious beliefs , not political beliefs, are the inspiration for their evil actions..

Passion to please their god motivates them…misguided beliefs that the annihilation of infidels can influence alla’s prompt return spurs them into action…Sharia law excuses their evil inclinations…

ISIS is fighting a religious war against any and all unbelievers of alla…..whether the world acknowledges it or not… Sunni’s see Shiites as apostates….Shiites see Sunni’s as apostates… both see Christians and Jews as infidels.

Blood and guts are an Islamic offering to the false god that drives their “Theology”.

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Blue Wedding….

 My dream has finally come true… my prayers are answered…

   Angelina Jolie accepted Brad Pitt’s proposal….after only eleven years of shacking-up and a house full of kids… the duo is declared compatible..in the South of France…how exciting is that ?

  You can only imagine the joy that filled my Hollywood heart when I was blind sided with the news in the check-out line at Brookshires…

 If Suzanne was still spinning the hits at KBAN , I’d call and request Wassy’s tune , Blue Wedding,  for the cash-strapped couple….

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Wardrobe News…

 Every major network or cable newscast seems obcessed with President Obama’s new sand-colored summer suit…

    Silly me…I thought the suit looked nice… I’m far more concerned with the fact that the suit is empty….

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Paying the Price…

 For decades America has mistakenly assumed the role of Cash Cow for every impoverished Muslim nation you can name….

 We have paid dearly in treasure and blood for the outward appearance of fair-weather friendship from tyrants and ruthless dictators …for decades.

 We have gifted billions in military equipment and arms and ammunition , to the oil-rich nations of the middle east…. squandered billions for thinly veiled cooperation from militants and rebel forces.. in exchange for what ?

  Had America spent our treasure on producing our own natural resources , rather than educating camel jockeys and sheep herders on how to exploit Americans with oil and natural gas of the Middle East , we would still be the strongest economy in the world…

  Instead we continue down the same naive path to national bankrupcy….directly or indirectly funding the very enemies of our homeland and our children’s future..

  ISIS is driving our vehicles … firing our rockets …shooting our rifles and ammunition into masses of fleeing Coptic Christians….funded primarily by gifted or stolen American dollars exchanged for oil…

 Satan is undeniably evil, but he is not stupid … he continues to drain the coffers of descent Americans…with congressional consent.

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