Possibly the dead-level sweetest cake I ever had….made completely by hand and eaten in the same inconvenient manner…..completely by hand…

The service at Doc’s is pretty darn sweet too….. as any visually impaired Dago customer can see….sweets from the sweeties…



Texas Hot Tub

Swimming with the Dolphins never occurred to these Texas cowboys….but Blanche makes a perfect pool pal for the land-locked Hamilton duo out towards Belcherville..

IMG_9144 Hot Tub adventure

In the interest of pomp and pageantry , on the eve of the Kentucky Derby , I offer this beautiful rendition of the true “Canadian Mist “…



Dirt work begins today…on the premier distillery of North Texas…..in Muenster America.

Preliminary plans to convert traditional beer drinkers of Square and Dago ethnicity,  began at Doc’s Bar and Think Tank , at Monday afternoon’s prestigious 5@5..

Pictured above is the founding entrepreneur and his son , along with Cooke County’s leading consumer of premium whiskey… their reputation as established corn-mash authorities precedes them……they will drink no whiskey before it’s time…and it IS that time…5@5

Doyle drooled more whiskey off his chin, than most certified consumers ever drank…



IMG_9124 sexual harrassment

I’ve often heard Love is Blind , but apparently other senses are likewise impaired too….

Either I am deeply in love , or that pond behind us has gone septic…..


Standing Room Only..

As a talented youthful musician of Throckmorton Texas , Jay Gober opened his own Bank in Graham , to support his relentless musical habit…Becky remains his most faithful groupie to this day, followed closely by a particular limp-wrist fiddle player from Anaheim..

In later years Jay was chosen to play and sing at my 65th birthday bash….much like the festival now celebrated for Bob Wills, times are coming for the 1st. annual Jay Gober Festival in New Castle Texas..

31472509_1991476191114035_1923099189063974912_n Jay and the Boys



This unidentified gunman is an official member of the NRA…and a card-carrying member of the Shrine….he harbors an inborn hatred for all winged intruders at the Moose Lodge…He has also vowed to rid East Texas of multi-colored rats with the evolutionary ability to take flight….otherwise known as Pigeons…

But for his inherent thirst for barley hops , he would have extinguished the exploding pigeon population years ago…gaining him the distinguished nic-name “Chase-a-Beer” rather than “Chase-a-Squab”.