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Free Eats….

IHOP ? probably not….but Jean’s Bible Class is hosting a “free ” breakfast tomorrow , Sunday ,June 26th.. 2016 in the fellowship hall on Main st. Nocona @ 8:30 a.m.

Arrive a few minutes early for Christian fellowship and stolen samples from the inspirational cooks manning various duty stations…

The Five Star Feast will immediately be followed by brief Words of Wisdom and Inspiration from Dr. E.Scott Hamilton..

We would love to see you there , bring a friend or an enemy…we all need sustenance and God’s Biblical manna to survive.. Matthew 4:4

Ministerial Menu..

Scrambled eggs , sausage and bacon , hot biscuits and gravy , 90 weight coffee and juice…..bust your sides..


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Some Montague area farmers are so dedicated to yellow and green , they refuse to operate any heavy equipment not bearing John Deere paint, or having a traditional steering wheel ….Royce took care of that trivia for Kurt’s birthday..(patent pending)

imagejpeg_0 John Deere

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No post today…ttoe gave me a “Time Out ” for disparaging remarks made about his candidate…” Hellacious Hillary “…. I feel threatened and need to retreat to my ” Safe Space “…my feelings are deeply hurt by his rejection of my biased free speech…..NOT.

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Court Date…

I’d like to thank the Commissioners Court of Montague County, particularly Commissioner Langford , for inviting me to deliver the invocation at this month’s meeting of the court…

This was not a historic event in the eyes of anyone other than me, but for myself it was a distinct honor and privilege to be considered worthy of the humbling task..

At a time in our history when God is often banned from government , I felt extremely proud to stand as His representative before the court of honorable men and women..

Thank you for welcoming me, and for affording me the opportunity to utter a few unimpressive words on behalf of our Supreme Judge , God Almighty…..and thanks for not bowing to external pressures of political correctness…God still lives in the hearts of men and women of Montague County….. Thank You very much

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Wise Answer…

Doctor Visit..

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My life began 69 years ago today….with nothing but a low-water creek crossing and the shadow of Queens Peak blocking the setting sun…to a recently returned WWII veteran and his determined bride.. on a leased plot of farmland…in a two bedroom sharecroppers home…where the parents drew water from an untested well.. and trekked two hundred yards to an outdoor facility…. but nothing would I change.. absolutely nothing..

Cured hams hung in a tar papered shack , protected only by salt-cure and natures often intermittent cold.. kerosene provided warmth and medication for cuts and scrapes.. Dad tilled rows of cotton and grain while Mom did the heavy work….raising three cotton-headed boys…washing clothes in a cast-iron pot…hanging them on the garden fence to dry.. drawing water from a hundred-foot well for baths and laundry and cooking…pressing clothes with a flat-iron heated on a Kerosene stove… cooking meals.. killing chickens.. plucking feathers.. cutting meat for dinner… canning greens…milking cows…planting beans …all the same things young brides do today… Mom was Wonder Woman.. but Dad was not without his chores..

He’d spend half a day cranking on a “B” Farmal tractor..literally !..then plowing forty acres of Milo…picking cotton or killing a hog.. feeding chickens or cows.. working on a water-gap across the creek…stretching wire…. or sometimes applying a leather strap to three consistently inattentive growing boys..

I long for those days.. I pine for the sweetness of Mom and Dad…the warm caring touch of my mom and the stern discipline instilled by dad….Those two seemingly uneducated disciples of Christ made me a reflection of their souls. I would change nothing….take no amount of money for the time spent in their clapboard house of learning..

One more year and I’ll be seventy years old…far more years than Dad ever knew , but still decades short of Moms time spent loving and unconditionally defending her three undeserving sons… God bless their efforts…. two outta three turned out well , I’m still struggling..

Happy Birthday to me…God is good..


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Minute-Maid Man…

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a fresh squeezed bar maid…and a chilled long-stem of Florida orange juice…  Gulp the Pulp….

13501877_10207855366834418_811101920720344177_n    Big Square..

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