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How about them Cowboys…and Dish Network.. made for prime-time television.. Yellow screen as far as the eye can see…

You know your dynasty is slipping when the Holiday Game is unavailable , and only ten people call in to complain…

I watched that other Texas team , you know the one that actually wins with a Dallas reject quarterback …


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The home-made Divinity is fading fast , all traces of the Sweet-Potato Pie have vanished ….Lynne’s Apple Crumble pie precariously clings to life on the kitchen counter…chocolate covered peanut butter balls  mysteriously disappeared with parting kinship..

Soon the confectionery delights of Christmas will fade into fond memories , like the company of twenty-eight cherished loved ones and the storm of boisterous merriment that left when they did..

Large crowds and loud laughter are seasonal blessings…but silence is a coveted gift from God that lasts all winter long..

Carolyn’s shell-shocked cats have cautiously reappeared from their Christmas seclusion under the couch…

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Christmas Contrast

73 degrees for days….then got up this morning to a stark contrast of 39 degrees and a northerly gale. It’s cold as a Mother-in-Laws kiss…. colder than that icy stare I often get from total strangers at Wal-Mart…..

Compared to the Hawaiian winter I’d grown to love… rain is falling in sheets and buckets.. Saint Nick has turned seasonably nasty while we slept..

He’s so fickle he must surely be transgender.. or just tired of hearing all the Democratic crap about Global Warming coming from Fenotee road.

My son , David , is still at our house in Montague (extended Christmas )..His home in Wyle is about five miles from Rowlett Texas , where a vicious tornado killed eleven people last night…both are  northerly suburbs of Dallas…..internet videos show total devastation in Rowlett..


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Fast as Light ….

Santa brought me a new lap-top.. with windows-10…. this thing is so fast , when I got up this morning it had already written two blogs all by itself before I could pour my first cup of coffee. However, the content leaned so far left I thought Hillary had hacked my site….I disabled it …

In the future , you can expect more of the same old tired rhetoric from the new source, only faster. . same politically biased tripe you’ve grown accustomed to over time.. penned by the leading radical blogmaster on Private Road 409..   nothing but the best for my readers.

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Cooke County Choir Boy

Herky just returned from the exhaustive two-hour Cooke County Christmas Cantatta at Doc’s Bar…..where he sang ” Mary Did You Know”…solo a cappella….in the key of “B-Major” to a standing ovation of tone-deaf Squares..

Jason still can’t quit laughing…

10441170_10206536373220402_5472682841402373079_n HERKY


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Where’s My Pie ?

 Somewhere out there across the fruited plains of America on Christmas day ,  someone is eating an obscenely large slice of pecan pie that rightfully should have been mine..

 Consuming a generous portion of the sugary parched pecan laced syrup on flakey crust …..like my dearly departed momma used to make just for me…

   The sinfully rich golden concoction conceived in heaven by starving Angels …The chewy wonderment normally reserved for extraordinary folks on special occasions…designed as a stable foundation for Blue Bell ice cream ..

  Where’s my pie Dianna Lynne ?

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Christmas Moon

 Did anyone else witness the brilliance of the setting moon this morning…? like a huge yellow ball suspended only by an angel hair…..encircled by a colorful rainbow of primary colors …..cast against an otherwise star sprinkled sky of total blackness…..only partially obscured by a thin veil of gently drifting clouds ?.. Did you see it ?

  Whooops , my mistake… the partial obstruction was not passing clouds at all….it was smoke from my first Marlboro of the day….sorry !


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